Provincial Senior Women’s Curling Championships

The Affinity Credit Union Provincial Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships were held in Unity, Feb. 18 to 23. Local curling fans were treated to some of the best curling in the province.

Lorraine Arguin, Donda Lee Deis, Shelly Urquhart and Connie Fritzler from Moose Jaw won the women’s title.

Please see the March 3 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald for more details on playdowns and the actual hosting of the tournament, as well as additional photos. Photos of the opening ceremonies are in the February 24 issue of the Press-Herald.

Here’s some photos from the women’s semifinal between Arguin and the Inglis rink from Yorkton.

Lorraine Arguin

curling ladies semi after the throw arguin team hurry hard

Saskatchewan women's semifinal

inglis teamsenior women's curling

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