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Horse owner looking for answers

Although she doubts the person responsible will come forward, horse owner Tamilyn Barr nevertheless would “really like to know what happened, and why.”

Going out to feed her horses at noon Monday, November 18, Barr knew something was wrong when her favourite horse wasn’t waiting at his usual spot to be fed. Walking out to the field, she found him 50 yards away, lying dead in a pool of frozen blood. Boone, her young Norwegian Fjord had been shot.

BooneBarr lives four miles northwest of Unity and she knows her horse was alive and well when he and her other two horses were fed the previous day. Putting that together with reports from neighbours, she believes Boone had to have been shot sometime between noon and 3 p.m. Sunday, November 17.

Was Boone shot deliberately or did someone mistake him for a deer? He was killed during daylight hours, on a clear and sunny day, and within 100 yards of Barr’s farmhouse.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Unity RCMP detachment at 306) 228-6300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477). Barr knows nothing can bring her Boone back but she would like to know how and why this happened.

UCHS senior boys’ volleyball photos

The Unity Composite High School senior boys’ volleyball team hosted regionals, with Perdue, Onion Lake (Eagleview) and La Loche coming to town Nov. 16. Eagleview and La Loche moved on to provincials. The Unity Warriors were unable to advance from their crossover game. Here are some shots of the hometown boys in action during the tournament.

ball up bump down over serve

up waiting zoherUCHS volleyball

Midget AA Lazer Photos – Nov. 16 vs. Warman Wildcats

The Unity Midget AA Lazers played back to back home games against the Warman Wildcats Nov. 15 and 16, winning their games 11-0 and 7-2. Here are some shots from third period action in the November 16 game.

no.3 open ice puck handlingUnity Lazers Midget AAslapshot stop

Travel safely to Grey Cup festivities!

Headlined SASKATCHEWAN HIGHWAYS TO EXPERIENCE THE RIDER NATION RUSH TO REGINA, the Government of Saskatchewan issued a press release urging motorists to drive carefully on their trek to Regina for the 101st Grey Cup game and festivities.

With the Roughriders and Tiger-Cats set to clash in the Grey Cup final and the lion’s share of fans stampeding toward Regina on Saskatchewan highways, motorists are reminded to avoid rushing and pass safely during their drive.

“The Riders’ home Grey Cup appearance is a huge cause for celebration, and drivers from within the province and across Canada will flood into Regina for the festivities,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Don McMorris said. “However, winter conditions have arrived, so I want to remind all motorists to check the Highway Hotline and drive cautiously when they head out so it can be a good, safe week for everyone.”

For the Highway Hotline’s latest available Saskatchewan road conditions, visit or for recorded reports, phone 306-787-7623 in the Regina area, 306-933-8333 in the Saskatoon area or 1-888-335-7623 toll-free across Canada.

The Highway Hotline continues to use social media. For road closures and travel not recommended alerts on Twitter, follow @SKGovHwyHotline. General tips and other helpful information are available on Facebook at

Whether you are heading to Regina or just to the neighbouring town to watch the game with friends and family, unity stories reminds you to take care out there!  And Go, Riders, go!

Gilbert Agencies – insurance, SGI licences and more

Scott at Gilbert Agencies in Unity says it’s been “Our family taking care of other families for nearly 40 years in this community.”

Located downtown on 2nd Avenue West in Unity, Gilbert Agencies was birthed in 1976, by Scott Gilbert’s uncle, Alex. After being employed by his uncle, Scott went to a partnership share before purchasing the business outright in 2001.

Gilbert Agencies employs three people full-time with a staff combined years of service of 45. Now that’s experience you can count on!

Gilbert Agencies is a general insurance brokerage as well as an SGI motor licence issuer. Scott is a notary public and a sub-broker for Desjardins Financial Investments. He has his CAIB (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker) designation.

Gilbert Agencies is committed to helping people solve and complete their insurance needs. Their goal is satisfied customers and that requires providing top-notch service, price and product variety, which they do.

Gilbert Agencies, Unity

Scott loves to meet different people and embraces the different personalities he’s encountered through business, recreation and volunteerism.

One thing he loves about living in and doing business in Unity is the “I’ve got your back” philosophy. This is the same way insurance agencies want their customers to feel. It’s easy to relay that to customers in a community that regularly exhibits these qualities in efforts to help friends and neighbours.

Scott was born and raised in Unity. He’s proud of the community and proud to be part of it. He was happy to return home to start his career and raise his family.

You can always find Scott volunteering somewhere as he believes in hands-on involvement in the community he serves. He wants to be not only visible, but involved. You can find Scott anywhere, from coaching a hockey team to the UPS School Community Council. He serves, and has served, on a number of boards within Unity and provincially.

Gilbert Agencies is a proud sponsor of a number of community functions. It is their sense of community pride that prompts them to sponsor community events, groups and functions.

Fun facts about Scott? He raced bobsleds competitively in the Alberta Cup series for two years while taking his schooling in Calgary and he was a Celebrity Bull Rider at Unity Western Days!

Scott Gilbert

We Day speaker sampling

We Day, the multi-media, multi-speaker event held to motivate and empower young people, was held in Saskatoon November 6. Students from 325 Saskatchewan schools – including Unity Composite High School, McLurg High School, Luseland School and St. Peter’s School – made up the audience of some 15,000.

For a detailed article on the event and additional photos, please see the November 18 issue of the Unity-Wilke Press-Herald. For response from local students who attended We Day, please see the November 25 issue of the Press-Herald.

Spencer West

Spencer West

“Anything is possible.”

Born without legs, Spencer West shared his story with the We Day audience. As he explains on his Facebook page, “As a kid, every time I went out, whether to the grocery store or a restaurant, people would point and whisper, ‘Where’s that guy’s body? Where’s his legs? He looks crazy!’

“Nobody even asked me my name first. People were seeing my disability, instead of me. So I changed my story a bit. When asked, ‘Where are your legs?’ I would say, ‘I left them in my other pants’ or ‘I was swimming in the ocean and this shark swam up and BIT THEM RIGHT OFF!’ If I could get them to laugh, people were forced to see me as a person.”

A trip to Kenya gave West a moment of incredible insight. “Upon my arrival I was surrounded by swarms of school kids, who bombarded me with questions about my life. A little girl raised her hand and said, ‘I didn’t know this sort of thing happened to white people, too.’

“Suddenly, I understood that instead of trying to be like everyone I was different for a reason. I was different because I needed to show others that it doesn’t matter what your abilities are or where you come from in the world. If you work hard, never give up and laugh a lot, you can achieve anything. Now, as a motivational speaker for Me to We, I’ve spoken to audiences around the world about courage, shark attacks and making a difference.”

Martin Luther King III

Martin Luther King III

Flanked by brothers and Free The Children co-founders Marc and Craig Kielburger, Martin Luther King III addresses the students, teachers and parents gathered for the Nov. 6, 2013 edition of We Day in Saskatoon.

Martin Luther King III is the oldest son of the late Martin Luther King Jr. Images and portions from his father’s “I have a dream” speech were played on large video screens several times during We Day in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the speech.

King told the students his father used to say, “You can be a thermometer or you can be a thermostat.” In other words, do you want to change things or just record them? King had everyone raise their voice in chanting, “Spread the word, have you heard? All across our nation, we are going to be a great generation.”

Magic Johnson

NBA StarNBA legend Magic Johnson told the audience that when he was a child, his mother sent him out to shovel the driveways of elderly neighbours. While he didn’t really appreciate that at the time, later “I realized they were teaching me to give back, to help mankind.”

Johnson asked the students to change their schools, change their communities, help their neighbours. “The greatest person that I know is a person who always helps somebody else. That’s the coolest person on earth,” he said.


Taylor Devos

Taylor DevosTaylor Devos is from small-town Saskatchewan and is “1 kid making a difference.” At the age of 12, she stood with microphone in hand and told the packed Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon how determined she is to raise enough money to build a school in Haiti.

Starting when she was 10 years old with the sale of T-shirts and bracelets, along with holding small events in her hometown of Porcupine Plain, Taylor is nearing her goal of $15,000. As of We Day in Saskatoon, Nov. 6, she has already raised $12,700.

Bill Doyle, Potash Corp CEO

Craig Kielburger discusses food security with Potach Corp. president Bill Doyle.

Craig Kielburger discusses food security with Potach Corp. president Bill Doyle.

Bill Doyle, president and CEO of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., spoke about the importance of food security. He explained that in Canada we can walk into a grocery store and see shelves and shelves of food but that’s not the case around the world. In some places, there aren’t even any grocery stores, let along ones as well stocked as ours.

“The number one requirement is to feed people each and every day before anything else can be done,” he said.

Potash Corp is sponsoring 25 scholarships for Canadian youth to visit India next summer and learn first-hand about food security in the developing world. During media interviews, co-founder of Free the Children Craig Kielburger specifically encouraged students from Saskatchewan rural and farming communities to apply for the scholarships.

Go here to apply!

Donisha Prendergast

Donisha Prendergast, We DayDonisha Prendergast, granddaughter of Bob and Rita Marley, spoke about love and revolution. “At the heart of every revolution is love,” she said. She also pointed out the word “revolution” has the word “evolution” in its centre.

Prendergast also spoke about overcoming difficulties and challenges. “We aren’t meant to feel the pain forever,” she said, in a reference to bullying.

“My grandparents few up in the concrete jungle of Jamaica where ‘they’ said nothing could ever grow, and today I am standing here speaking to 15,000 people about the power of love.”

For a short video from We Day featuring Shawn Desman and the Kenyan Boys Choir:

For more information about the work of Free the Children:

And don’t forget about the new free app for year-round motivation and ideas on how to change the world. Look for the We365 app at your favourite app store.



Next week’s paper … and a video

Along with your usual menu of job opportunities, upcoming events and business offerings, next week’s paper will feature:

  • an article on and photos from We Day – the special motivational and inspirational mix of speakers and entertainment geared towards youth, held in Saskatoon, Nov. 6 (scroll down this page for a short video from the event);
  • where were you when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, 50 years ago? Residents share their memories;
  • a heartwarming story on the connection between a class of Grade 4 students and the seniors who live in Heritage Manor;
  • and an assortment of photos from Remembrance Day services in the Press-Herald reading area.


Delta Co-op – happy to be part of the community

Delta Co-operative Ltd.

Come on in! Welcome to our story, which is your story too. We live where you live, work where you work and we are helping grow the local economy. We are your neighbours and we invest in the communities we serve.

We say “we” but really … it’s you. Delta Co-op is really yours, because you own it. If you’re a member, you’re an owner. If you’re not a member, we invite you to become one. Delta Co-op membership offers you a lifetime of rewards, including high quality products and services at competitive prices. Our profits are your profits, returned by way of dividends paid out at year-end.

Understand when we say “we”, we’re actually saying you AND us – working, shopping, profiting, decision-making, helping out our communities – together.

Delta Co-op works together to provide goods and services to the community in the most up-to-date manner. We can be found online at our website,, on Facebook and even on your phone! Look for “co-op CRS” at your app store and download it, free, for weekly coupons, flyers, locations, hours and much more.

Delta Co-op is proud to support the communities we serve, and neighbouring communities, with sponsorships, donations, advertising and by hosting fundraising barbecues.

We’ve been part of the local community for over 80 years. Delta Co-op is a multi-branch, multi-department retail co-operative.

co-op c-store2

With branches in Unity, Luseland, Senlac, Wilkie and Macklin, Delta has deli, bakery, produce, meat and grocery departments, building supply and hardware stores, an agro-centre with seed and feed supplies, cardlocks, a C-store and gas bars. See our special page at for details on what services we provide in each of our home communities: Phone numbers for all locations are at

This corner of the province is our home. We promise to stay local, committed to community and to a business model that shares profits with all members. It’s only $10 to become a shareholder in Delta Co-op, making you a part owner in each and every one of our locations.

Remember, at Delta Co-op, co-op red sheild

Legion Remembrance Day poster contest

In a scene repeated in hundreds, if not thousands, of Legion halls across the country, members of the Unity Royal Canadian Legion gathered Nov. 1 to judge the poster entries in the annual Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest.

poster contestSi Campbell, Irene Thiessen-Campbell and Vern and Sadie Burns spent half a day examining somewhere between 500 and 600 posters. They all agreed creating a short list of possible winners in each category was the easy part but picking the final top two out of the short list of top contenders was far more difficult.

The Legion members spread out all the posters in one category or division at a time. There are four categories all together: primary – kindergarten and Grades 1 to 3; junior – Grades 4 to 6; intermediate – Grades 7 to 9; and senior – Grades 10 to 12. Students from all three schools in Unity send in posters for the competition.

Remembrance Day postersEach category is further divided into colour posters and black and white posters. From the submitted posters, the group of judges had to select first and second place winners in each of the eight divisions.

The rules, set by the national Legion office, say “Entries will be judged on originality, expression of designated subject, drawing and illustration. The poster shall reflect Remembrance with a Canadian theme.”

The winning posters are kept by the Legion and sent off to zone competition. After making their way through local, zone and district levels, the best posters, essays and poems in the province are chosen and forwarded to Ottawa for the national competition. National winners are displayed at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa for one year, while second and third place winners are displayed at Parliament Hill during Remembrance week. Eventually even these posters make their way back to the students.

As well as cash prizes at each level of competition, the senior national winners of each of the poster contests, and of the essay and poetry contests, are flown to Ottawa to attend the national Remembrance Day service where they place a wreath on behalf of the youth of Canada. They also have an opportunity to meet and visit with the Governor General.

The winning entries forwarded from the Unity branch of the Royal Canadian Legion have often seen some national success but our local Legion members are still waiting and hoping to have a senior national winner so they can send someone off on the Remembrance Day trip to Ottawa.

Vote for Mr. Bick and UCHS!

Help send Greg Bick to Berlin, Germany and help UCHS win $5,000! Go to!/eftourscanada/app_194790407371428, click the “Like” button near the top right of the page and 10 finalist teachers will appear. Click the vote button on Greg Bick’s photograph. You can vote once every 24 hours.

EF Tours, Canada’s leader in educational tours, recognizes the value of teachers. In their Teachers Matter contest, they are awarding one “extraordinary” teacher with $5,000 for their school and a trip with a collegauge to EF’s Science and Innovation Summit in Berlin. Four runner-ups will receive $1,000 each for their schools.UCHS science teacher

Yes, Unity’s own “Mr. Bick” is one of the top 10 finalists from across Canada! UCHS science teacher Greg Bick has long been a favourite teacher of students at Unity Composite High School.

On their Facebook page, EF Tours noted, “The response for this program was overwhelming with thousands of entries and it was very difficult to select only ten.”

Let’s help send Greg Bick to Berlin, Germany and help UCHS win $5,000! Go to!/eftourscanada/app_194790407371428, click the “Like” button near the top right of the page and then the 10 finalist teachers will appear. Click the vote button on Greg Bick’s photograph. You can vote once every 24 hours.

The following is the letter sent in to to nominate Mr. Bick for the contest and help him get to the top 10 in Canada.

Mr Bick teaches us that school, science and life can be fun. Even physics! In thick glasses and bright Hawaiian shirts, he both exudes and generates enthusiasm. You could say he has a truly magnetic personality. Even his lectures on gravity don’t bring you down! When not expounding theories, explaining formulas or helping us balance equations, he’s sharing anecdotes, quoting Homer Simpson or Sheldon.

Always encouraging participation, he answers questions on light waves, dark matter, quarks, Mr Burns and Smithers. And then there are the experiments! With his guidance, we make shocking discoveries, race cars made from water bottles and balloons, and create purple smoke. Plus, he sends rockets shooting into the sky and sets countertops on fire – without setting off the sprinklers. Also, he’s the writer/director of original side-splitting, off-the-wall drama. Although away with a broken ankle now, this exceptionally committed, caring teacher sends lesson plans every day.

Those voting instructions again: Go to!/eftourscanada/app_194790407371428, click the “Like” button near the top right of the page and then the 10 finalist teachers will appear. Click the vote button on Greg Bick’s photograph. You can vote once every 24 hours.