Town of Unity

Located in West Central Saskatchewan, Canada, Unity is a community of almost 2,400 residents. Situated at the junction of Highways 21 and 14, and near the crossing of the CNR and CPR main lines, Unity has geographic and geological advantages that contribute to a diverse and thriving economy.


In conjunction with the development of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway around 1908, Unity was incorporated as a village in 1909. The community became a town in 1919.

Agricultural and industrial development was the foundation for growth throughout Unity’s history.

unity sifto historicalThe construction of the power plant occurred in 1919, the discovery of natural gas and installation of a transmission system in 1944, the discovery of potash in 1946 and development of the potash mine in 1951; the construction of the Sifto salt mine in 1949; the expansion of the oil and natural gas industry around Unity and the construction of inland grain terminals in the 1990s.

Industry and business today

In the new millennium, Unity has seen the construction of the ethanol facility as well as the further development of oil services and transportation industries, including cavern and landfill storage and rail transportation.

Sifto/NWT, Unity, SK

Sifto Salt plant in the foreground and the North West Terminal and Ethanol Plant in the background, March, 2012

As industry developed in the region, populations grew and the demand for business increased. There have been many changes in Unity’s downtown over the history of the community, with various theatres, bowling alleys, restaurants, retail shops and auto service shops. Like other small towns, Unity has seen businesses opening, closing, adapting and evolving.

Today there has been significant investment in the downtown of Unity to meet the needs of the thriving community and the industry that continues to develop in the Unity District, including Unity Motors, CNR Shop, Co-op Marketplace, Cinema Satellite, Family Foods and Unity Hotel, to name only a few.


There are currently several opportunities to purchase existing businesses and to start new businesses in the Town of Unity, in particular in the downtown. Unity is very fortunate to have two realtors, Realty 2000 and Realty Executives, to show you and assist you in your purchase of a property.

Discovering the “opportUNITY in Unity” has been a catch phrase on billboards, shopping bags and signs and helps promote all Unity has to offer. The Town of Unity, the Unity and District Chamber of Commerce and Unity Economic Development work together to develop policy and provide the environment for business and industry to grow and thrive in the area.

Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada

The town has land available in the Dickson residential subdivision, in the Moffatt or Boxell commercial subdivisions, and there are private lands to the south of Highway 14 that can be developed.

Assistance available

The Town of Unity’s Economic Development Department can help you purchase land or an existing business or to start a new business in the Town of Unity. Services provided by Economic Development include business counselling, business research, marketing assistance, business planning and general pathfinding.

The Town of Unity also has a very attractive incentive policy for the establishment of new businesses in any commercial zone, and for the purchase or rent of commercial facilities in the downtown – three years’ tax exemptions to assist you in starting your journey to success.

If you are interested in purchasing an existing business or starting a new business, contact Carey at 306-228-2621 or at Visit to learn more about the Town of Unity. The Town of Unity also has a Facebook page to keep residents up to date on activities happening in and about town.

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