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Senior boys’ basketball – Luseland vs. Unity

The UCHS Warriors hosted the Luseland Lords in senior high school basketball February 24, at Unity SK. Here are some scenes from the boys’ game. Additional photos in the March 2nd Unity Wilkie Press-Herald weekly newspaper.

Senior high school basketballLuseland Lords vs. Unity Warriorsto the basket UCHS basketballluseland lords warrior no. 4 Basketball at Unity SK warrior no. 7 warrior pass warrior rush warrior shot luseland rush2

Hunting/fishing awards and all-you-can-eat in Luseland

Jackfish, bear ham, rabbit, elk roast, caribou stew, Italian creamed goose, ginger goose, wild boar roast, buffalo roast, moose roast, deer sausage and wild rice – rounded out by beans, potatoes, coleslaw, onion salad and fresh buns – made up the menu at the Luseland Wildlife Federation’s annual wild game supper. 260 carnivores packed the Homecoming Hall in Luseland, Saskatchewan, January 31, to enjoy all the meat they could eat.

luseland game dinner


Along with the meal, drinks and socializing, guests supported the Luseland club by buying 50/50 tickets as well as raffle tickets on a wide variety of prize items. Between a number of door prizes and the loaded raffle tables, a significant percentage of attendees went home clutching prizes ranging anywhere from a new ball cap to a Roughrider-green toboggan.

Matt Rumohr, MC for the Luseland wildlife dinner

A silent auction also drew interest, with bidding especially heavy on a Traegar smoker and a John Deere child’s chair and footstool.

The evening’s program also included presentations of plaques for the top weights and scores in the 2014 hunting and fishing seasons. Krystal Bazylinski was a double winner, taking home the plaques for both ladies’ white tail and ladies’ moose, with scores of 132 7/8 and 161 5/8 respectively. Husband Ryan had the men’s top white tail deer, with a score of 157.

MC for the night, Matt Rumohr, won the 2014 plaque for men’s mule deer, non-typical, with the antlers scoring 217 5/8.

In the game bird categories, Candace Rumohr had the largest Canada goose, weighing in at 11.7 pounds. Dennis Obregewitch took home the plaque for men’s mallard, bagging a 3.7-pound bird in 2014.

It seemed to be ladies’ night at the Luseland wildlife dinner as Trish Balness had both the largest walleye, 7.75 pounds, and the largest jackfish, 9.43 pounds, winning two plaques for her efforts at the lakes last summer. Kirk DeSchryver pulled in the men’s largest walleye, which weighed 6.3 pounds.

Capping off the award presentations, a special plaque – not awarded every year – was presented to Jay Taylor for Most Unorthodox Hunting Style.

Matt Rumohr, Ryan Bazylinski, Krystal Bazylinski, Candace Rumohr, Dennis Obregewitch, Jay Taylor

Among other projects funded by and donations made by the Luseland Wildlife Federation, this year the club is purchasing bows and targets for a new youth archery club.

luseland crowd

Another jam-packed paper

Not only will the February 9 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald feature a wide variety of stories, it includes the always popular Babies of 2014 feature! Along with three pages of cuteness, you’ll find:

  • a story on a local weightlifter setting new provincial records;
  • photos and details from the Luseland wildlife dinner;
  • a piece on the beginnings of the Unity museum; and
  • the second article on visitors’ “first impressions” of Unity – where there is room for improvement.

Then there is the RCMP Report, hockey news, more movie reviews, a special Valentine’s Top 10 and more. Don’t miss one of our most popular editions of the year!

Babies of 2014

Last paper of November, 2014

Yup … already we’re looking at November’s last Unity Wilkie Press-Herald and yes, there are Christmas ads in it! Christmas ads and some interesting news stories, such as:

  • details on the final court appearance by the Blairs regarding the horses that starved to death near Scott, SK last winter;
  • the announcement that Unity will be hosting a World Junior A hockey game in December – Russia vs. Canada East;
  • a new type of energy-efficient construction taking place in Luseland; and
  • some details on a visit to Unity earlier this year by Charles Bauman, who bicycled from Ontario to Alaska and back, raising funds and awareness for the plight of children in Third World countries.

Then we have the police report, hockey reports, an update on golfer Justin Wood and those Christmas ads we mentioned. Check them out to see what’s available in town for your Christmas shopping.

Below, sheets of plywood, bearing the community’s Christmas card organized by the Unity Hospital Auxiliary as a fundraising project, wait in trucks – one a Merry Christmas red – as Lions Club members prepare the base for the card to stand on. The card is up now so stop and see which friends and neighbours are on the card wishing you a happy holiday season. Add your own name by stopping at the Courtesy Car office beside Our Drug Store on Main Street.

on Main Street in Unity, Saskatchewan Lions

Are Royal Canadian Legion branches going to disappear?

Legion members are worried. As an active committee member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #90 in Unity, Saskatchewan, puts it, they are “in dire need.”

While branches and members appreciate communities supporting their fundraising efforts, what they need more than ever before is new members, and especially, new members who are willing to take on an active role.

Mike Wildeman of the Unity branch says recent meetings have no more than nine members in attendance and the average age of the attendees is close to 80. “The Legion, in a year’s time, may not be the Legion, without a membership drive,” he said.

At one time, the Unity Legion boasted a membership list of 175 names; today that list is down to less than 60. Many on today’s list are members in name only and are not active in organizing or planning any activities.

Wilkie and Luseland Legion branches have the same issues with declining membership lists and less than 10 people coming to meetings. Luseland Legion president Brian Honeker said they only have 22 members currently, six of who no longer even live in the Luseland area.

Any membership drive will have to focus on people willing not only to become a Legion member, but also to attend meetings and take a turn on the executive. The only qualification to be a Legion member is being a Canadian citizen.

The Unity, Wilkie and Luseland branches all meet only once a month, and take the summer off. Both Wildeman and Honeker, and other active Legion members in the area, would be more than happy to hear from you if you have any questions about Legion membership and/or where you might be able to assist, whether it is locally, provincially or nationally.

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #90

Funding available for community rinks

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that the Community Rink Affordability Grant will be offered in 2014.  This is the third consecutive year for the popular program.

The Community Rink Affordability Grant provides funding to Saskatchewan’s municipal indoor skating and curling rinks.  Communities, schools, non-profits and First Nations are eligible to apply to the program.  Successful applicants will receive a grant of $2,500 per indoor ice surface.  The grant may be used to help offset the cost of rink operations and minor capital upgrades.

“Skating and curling facilities have always played an important role within Saskatchewan communities,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said.  “They serve as meeting places where we can socialize, meet new people and engage in physical activity.  By supporting the operation and maintenance of our local rinks, this grant will contribute to the enviable quality of life enjoyed by citizens across the province.”

The Government of Saskatchewan is committing $1.7 million to the grant program for 2014.  More than $3.2 million has been invested into the program in the last two years.  The program has benefited more than 380 communities across the province.

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association will administer and deliver the program.

“Ice rinks bring communities together by providing individuals of all ages with the opportunity to participate in fun recreation activities,” Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association President Mike Powell said.  “Our organization is pleased to once again partner with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport in the administration of the Community Rink Affordability Grant.  This grant ensures that rinks continue to be well-maintained and well-operated so that Saskatchewan communities can enjoy cold weather activities in safe and quality environments.”

To register for the Community Rink Affordability Grant program, please complete the online form found on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association’s website at

Upcoming paper

Of course the big event this last week for many families was the first day of school! Find out who the new staff are at UCHS, UPS and Luseland School and how enrolment numbers compare to last year in next week’s issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald.

Along with the article, and photos from the first day, you can read about:

  • a Service to Children award given to one of Unity’s long-serving teachers;
  • a major scholarship won by one of this year’s UCHS grads;
  • a reunion at Winter, SK; and you can see
  • photos of locals enjoying the visit of the Family Fun Circus to Unity the last week of August.

More upcoming events are listed in the ads (and the minimum details can also be found by clicking the Calendar tab in the menu at the top of this page).

Even if somehow you had missed all the back-to-school talk or had forgotten when you got up Tuesday morning this week that students would be returning to classes, at St. Peter’s School in Unity, the bikes in the bick rack and the school bus pulled up with lights flashing and its STOP sign out would have let you know school days were here again!

St. Peter's School, Unity SK

Most crops still behind but some swathing started

The latest Saskatchewan Crop Report notes that many crops still need to develop to maturity, although as of August 18, minimal combining and some swathing had commenced. West of Unity, Saskatchewan, in the Denzil area, some canola fields have been swathed as of today, August 23, such as this field near Grass Lake.

RM of Grass Lake, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Crop Report for August 12 to 18

Just over one per cent of the 2014 provincial crop has been combined, while four per cent is swathed or ready to straight-cut, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s weekly Crop Report. The five-year average (2009-2013) for this time of year is two per cent combined and five per cent swathed or ready to straight-cut. Harvest operations are the furthest ahead in the southwestern region where four per cent of the crop has been combined. At this time, average crop yields are being reported in most areas.

Provincially, 19 per cent of the fall rye, nine per cent of the field peas, eight per cent of the winter wheat and three per cent of the lentils are combined. Seven per cent of the canola and four per cent of the mustard are swathed. Recent warm weather has encouraged crop development; however, frequent rain showers and heavy morning dew are delaying crop maturation and harvest operations for many producers.

Rainfall this past week ranged from trace amounts to several inches in some southeastern and west-central areas. Across the province, topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as seven per cent surplus, 82 per cent adequate, 10 per cent short and one per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 79 per cent adequate, 16 per cent short and one per cent very short.

Heavy rain, strong winds and hail caused the majority of crop damage this week. Grasshoppers, wheat midge, fusarium head blight and sclerotinia are also causing some damage.

Farmers are busy desiccating, swathing, combining and finishing up haying operations.

West-Central Saskatchewan (Crop Districts 6B – Hanley, Outlook, Loreburn, Saskatoon and Arelee areas; Crop District 7A – Rosetown, Kindersley, Eston, Major; CD 7B – Kerrobert, Macklin, Wilkie and Biggar areas)

Harvest is just starting in the region with producers beginning to desiccate pulses and swath canola. One per cent of the barley has been combined and five per cent of the canola has been swathed. Three per cent of the field peas and two per cent of the lentils are ready for straight-cutting. Overall, the majority of crops are behind normal development but they are quickly advancing thanks to recent warm weather. At this time, yields are estimated to be average, although there are some reports of high disease levels in pulses that will likely decrease yield and quality.

Rainfall ranged from trace amounts to 50 mm in the Kindersley area. Since April 1, the Major area has received the region’s greatest amount of cumulative rainfall at 396 mm. Topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 11 per cent surplus, 75 per cent adequate, 13 per cent short and one per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as nine per cent surplus, 73 per cent adequate, 17 per cent short and one per cent very short. CD 6B is reporting that three per cent of cropland acres and seven per cent of hay land and pasture acres are very short of topsoil moisture at this time.

The majority of damage this week was caused by localized flooding, strong winds and hail. In some areas, drought-like field conditions and grasshoppers have caused damage as well. Some producers are reporting high levels of sclerotinia in canola.

Farmers are busy starting harvest operations and hauling bales.