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Sexual assault suspect sought in North Battleford, SK

North Battleford RCMP report they are investigating a sexual assault which occurred at approximately 1 am Saturday March 29.

A woman was attacked by an unknown male suspect as she was entering her home on Gregory Drive,  in North Battleford, SK, where she was physically assaulted  by the male suspect who also threatened the victim with a knife.  A brief struggle ensued before the victim was able to activate an audible alarm which frightened the subject away.

The suspect is described as Caucasian, younger in appearance, with dyed blonde hair down near the bottom of his neck, wearing a black toque, a long coat, with dark clothing and wearing multiple silver hoop style earrings. Police released this composite drawing of the suspect March 31.


The investigation is continuing, anyone with any information is asked to contact the North Battleford RCMP at 1-306-446-1720 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Next week’s newspaper

News, info, photos, upcoming events, sales, job opportunities – all found in the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald paper coming out March 31, 2014. Monday’s paper includes stories on:

  • EMT shortages and the effect on nearby communities;
  • the Unity Miners as league champions – get the details of the final game and on the players and executive involved this year;
  • Unity Credit Union holding their AGM, reviewing 2013 and looking forward to 2014; and
  • the Senlac Cafe serving up gourmet meals.

The Top 10 lays out the  benefits of being a blood donor, while the editorial on page 4 explores in greater depth what it is like to be a donor.

Events in the past week at Unity, SK, included the Lions’ Spring Fling, where Jim Sego acted as MC and the Meota Hobby Band performed for attendees.

Unity, SK Lions ClubMeota Hobby Band

Frozen ground delays Unity pool construction

Although progress is being made at the site of Unity’s new swimming pool, weather has also caused some delays. According to Unity’s director of culture, parks and recreation, Nicole Goldsworthy, it is unlikely the Unity Credit Union Aquatic Centre will be ready for June 1 as originally hoped.

In order to provide swimming lessons and recreational swimming as usual for community and area residents, the old pool will be used.

Goldsworthy said, “After a meeting on February 24, 2014 with Town Council and Paradise LeisureScapes, it was determined that the installation of the walls could not proceed until the frost is out of the ground and that will likely be in May. There is still six weeks of work left to install the walls and another two weeks to pour the swimming pool deck. At the earliest, the Town of Unity may be able to open the new pool mid-July if everything stays on schedule.”

The maintenance and equipment building is almost complete, while construction on the new change house will start “as soon as possible and will be completed over the summer.”

Although the work is a little behind schedule, enough has been done to date that ensures the Town of Unity will still receive the $250,000 through the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF).

Unity Credit Union Aquatic Centre

Grain transportation impacts local businesses

How have the grain transportation issues affected you? Please comment!

A simple drive down area grid roads will give you a good indication of the impact of the shortage in allocation of rail cars for grain. Even when still covered with snow or blending into the surrounding snowy landscape, long raised ridges reveal the presence of grain storage bags in many fields.

With bins still full from last year’s record crop, if farmers can’t make deliveries to terminals, they have nowhere else to put the grain.

North West Terminal CEO Jason Skinner said it was in December the rail car allocation began to drop. Comparing December 2013 to February 2014 with December 2012 to February 2012, the number of rail cars available has been “significantly” less.

North West Terminal, Unity, SKAs has been noted in numerous media reports on the issue, compounding the problem is the fact that demand to ship grain is high as a result of the record crops last year.

Skinner said the situation will definitely affect the bottom line for NWT. Like other grain companies, they are incurring demurrage costs and contract delay penalties. He also noted once shipping opportunities are lost, “you don’t get those back.”

The inability to deliver and sell grain affects cash flow for farmers and, with seeding time near and input bills coming up, the terminal gets many calls asking about the opportunity to deliver grain.

Senior editor Mark Szakonyi, based in Washington, D.C., covers railroads, U.S. transportation and trade policy, sourcing and ocean shipping for He reported NC president and CEO Claude Mongeau as describing the 2013-14 winter as “brutal and unusual.”

Mongeau also gave Szakonyi the following information on rail car issues in Canada: with extended cold periods over the winter, there was little opportunity for CN to make up delays; speeds had to be reduced by about 9 per cent; air brake systems malfunction in extreme cold, requiring trains to be shortened anywhere between 10 and 15 per cent.

With the railroads running shorter, slower trains, other businesses also have been affected. For example, Sifto Salt in Unity, SK, reports they have also been having trouble getting rail cars for shipping their bulk product.

How have the grain transportation issues affected you? Please comment!

Midget AA Lazers in finals for double banners

The Unity Midget AA Lazers are playing for a provincial banner, going up against the Notre Dame Hounds in the final. They also have advanced to the Centre Four Hockey League final.

REMAINING HOME GAMES: In provincials, the Unity, SK Lazers host the Hounds Saturday, March 29, at 4 pm while, in league, a tentative game 3 – if needed – against Beardy’s has been scheduled for Friday, March 28, at 7:30 pm.

These photos are from the second northern provincial final against the Saskatoon Icehawks, which the Lazers won 3-0. They were tied at 4-4 with the Icehawks going into the second game of the total-point, two-game series. Justen Close, shown in the first photo shaking hands with the linesman after the game, had the shutout, stopping 29 shots.

Lazer goalieLazers in provincialsUnity Midget AA Lazers hockey team midget aa faceoffminor league hockeyLazers' Midget AA goaliemidget aa shoot midget aa sticksUnity Midget AA Lazers hockey team

League done but still in provincial final – Unity Midgets

Although the Unity SK Midget A Lazers lost the Hi-way 14 Hockey League final series to the Kerrobert Tigers, they still are on the trail to a possible provincial banner. The Lazers won the northern final, beating Melfort 6-3 in the two-game, total-point series, to advance to the provincial final against Yorkton.

Photos are from the March 16 game against Melfort.
Midgets vs. Melfort Mustangs midgets 8 Unity Midget Lazers midgets goalieminor hockey - midget boysmidgets 8cu

The Press-Herald next week

Monday’s Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald has a little bit of everything – news, opinion, sports, arts, new ideas, personal interest stories, pretty pictures, upcoming events, job opportunities, special sales and important information!

  • wilkie-unity newspaperIn the important information category, April will see some changes downtown as stores in Unity, Saskatchewan – the Delta Co-op grocery, Family Foods and Our Drug Store – will no longer be staying open Thursday evenings – check out their ads for the new hours for each specific store ;
  •  news items include local impacts of the grain transportation crisis and Delta Co-op’s annual general meeting and review of their 2013 year;
  • opinions on this week’s provincial budget;
  • hockey updates as the Miners, Peewee Lazers, Midget AA Lazers and Midget A Lazers are all in final playoff series, whether league or provincial;
  • find out who the adjudicators will be for the upcoming Unity Music Festival;
  • read a heartwarming story about a very unique birthday present idea.

And that’s not all – basketball wrap-up, information about the possibility of a highway digital billboard for Unity (come to Wednesday’s chamber meeting, 11:30 am, co-op board room to learn more about that one), information on eating disorders, Cindy Vanderlinde tells us about Disability Savings Plans, recognition of a veteran, the ever-popular RCMP report and more! You don’t want to miss next week’s paper; it really does have something for everyone!

Growing Up Digital – advice for parents

Ramona StillarThree main themes emerged from Ramona Stillar’s presentation to parents who attended the first Growing Up Digital presentation at St. Peter’s School in Unity, Sask.,  Feb. 27 – we have to teach kids not to share too much, kids will make mistakes which need to be forgiven, and the opportunity the Internet gives kids to change the world.

(If you missed this one, you can still come to the next session, Thursday, March 27, 7 pm, at St. Peter’s School where Stillar will walk parents through a variety of specific social networks. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop!)

Part of being safe online relates to life skills. Stillar spoke about the seven Cs – competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control. For example, it takes confidence to not share too much online. Learning how to cope with stress, such as a fight with a friend, might include not posting derogatory things online about that friend.

Stillar pointed out sometimes children will forget about setting privacy settings. As a result, they may not be sharing information or photos with who they think they are.

Everyone needs to understand the online audience is real and includes many more people than actual friends.

Stillar asked how many parents knew someone who, when younger, had mooned people on the street from a car or school bus window. The only difference today is the size of the audience. Yesterday it was the people on the street at that point in time; today it can be thousands and even millions of people.

“Kids will make mistakes! And we have to forgive them … How would you deal with it if it wasn’t online?” The behaviours are the same; it is the bigger audience that is the difference.

Another example Stillar raised was drinking at university: “We all know kids have been doing that for decades.” She hopes adults, including university officials and future employers, understand “that is not what that kid is going to do forever…. A mistake online, even though the audience is larger, shouldn’t be game-changing for them.”

Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from them. Parental forgiveness is important.

Young people are digitally fluent. They know their way around the Internet and how to find information, images and videos. The focus though tends to be looking at what others have created.

Stillar said, “Right now most of us are consumers of information on the Internet. The vast majority of us need to start thinking more in terms of producing … because that’s where the power is.”

She urged parents to help kids understand they can create and produce content for an audience we as parents never had the ability to reach. They can control what goes online and they can influence world-wide change. Marc and Craig Kielburger, We Day founders, are great examples.

Credit: pingdom.comAsked about specific social media sites, Stillar said, “I can guarantee you that as soon as parents are on Snapchat, kids will be off it and on to the next thing. You do have to realize as parents that you can arm yourselves with all the information, you can get yourselves on all those social networks, you can start leveraging them and using them for your businesses and the work that you do but, at the end of the day you will never, ever be able to keep up with all the other apps that are going to come out.”

That’s why teaching children how to be safe online, and do well in life generally, is so important.

Stillar’s next presentation will be March 27, in workshop format as parents learn to use some of the most popular online social media sites. An April session will focus on cyberbullying.

RCMP Report for March 4 to 10

RCMP Report for Unity, SK, March 4 to 10, 2014

A small amount of cannabis marihuana and drug paraphernalia were located in a vehicle and seized by police during a traffic stop. Vehicle occupants were warned. No charges were laid due to the small quantity of the drug.

There was one false 911 call.

Police received a request to patrol to locate a deer in town to ensure it did not harm anyone. Patrols were made but the deer was not located.

RCMP received two separate complaints of uttering threats. One matter is still under investigation and the other was unfounded.

Police received a report of criminal harassment. This matter is still under investigation.

There was a complaint of assault. This matter is still under investigation.

A 20-year-old female was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle following a traffic stop.

RCMP received a noise complaint. Members spoke to the subject of complaint about the noise.

There were five traffic complaints.

Members located alcohol in a vehicle during a traffic stop and issued a ticket to the vehicle driver.

RCMP attended a family dispute in Denzil.

Persons with information about crimes being committed in the Unity area are urged to call the Unity RCMP detachment at (306)228-6300. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may also call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or *8477 on the SaskTel Mobility Network.  Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information which leads to the arrest of person(s) responsible for any serious crime.  Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display, nor are your calls traced or recorded.

You can also submit a tip online at

Scenes from Unity’s 2014 skating carnival

At the Movies in Unity, Saskatchewan – March 7, 2014

carnival intro

figure skating trio

Chicago – All That Jazz

sister act

Teen Beach Movie – Oxygen

sister act II

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Twilight solo

Twilight soloTwilight – A Thousand Years from Twilight. Figure skating solo






skating solo


figure skating group number

Saturday Night Fever – Staying Alive

little skaters

The Lion King – Circle of Lifefigure skating number

Slap Shot – Good Old Hockey Game
figure skating duo

Happy Feet – Hit Me Up

skating carnival number
Austin Powers

 figure skating solo

Demons Solo – Courtney’s last year with the Unity Skating Club
Unity Skating Club

After all the skating was done, it was time for the traditional after-carnival group photo.