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Provincial ball

Unity hosted the Peewee 2A Provincial Championships July 19, 20 and 21, while the Peewee A1 Cardinals travelled to Martensville and the Mosquito Cards were in Melville. See Monday’s paper (July 29th issue of the Press-Herald) for team photos and final results, and, in the meantime, enjoy these extra photos of some of the weekend’s events.

The determination on Dawson Wilson’s face as he prepares for, hits and runs for first base during one of the Peewee A2 Cardinals’ games shows how seriously the game of baseball is played in Unity!

peewee baseballpeewee baseball hitheading to first base

Risling and Wilson

Long-time (now retired )Unity recreation director Keith Wilson (right) and baseball and fastball coach Pat Risling (left), come off the diamond after Wilson threw and Risling caught the opening pitch for the Peewee A2 Provincial Championships hosted in Unity, July 19-21.


Fundraising barbecue

BBQ fundraiser

Why are Delta Co-op petrol manager Murray Hamm and Unity grocery store manager Marvin Phillips cooking up burgers and hot dogs?

A fundraising barbecue was all part of fundraising efforts organized by Delta Co-op staff to help out fellow staff member, John Hildebrand and family, with expenses.

John and Arleen’s son,Caleb, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, meaning the left side of his heart was severely underdeveloped. Caleb, who turns one-years-old in about three weeks – August 14 – has already had four surgeries in his short life, most of which has been spent in hospital in Edmonton.

Baby Caleb with Mom and Dad

John is the agronomist at the co-op’s Unity agro location and travels to Edmonton everty weekend.

As well as the fundraising barbecue, staff organized a 50/50 draw amongst themselves and sold raffle tickets. Donations were also received from community members who came out in force to support the barbecue and raffle.

co-op caleb fundraiser

Delta Co-op’s Kristine Moon, right, collects the cash from a long line of paying customers at the fundraising barbecue for baby Caleb and family, hosted by the co-op, July 11.

A total of $3,052, including extra donations made, was raised from the barbecue, raffle and 50/50 draw.



Recycling in Unity

The Town of Unity used to have a building designated as a recycling centre, where residents and businesses brought their recyclables. Recyclables had to be sorted and separated to be dropped off — plastic, milk jugs, milk cartons, cardboard, tin, glass and so on. Sometimes town staff had to do some additional sorting as well as looking after baling and selling or ortherwise disposing of the collected items.

When the building was condemned and had to be torn down, the present bin system, just west of the town’s public works building, was set up. Soon, the number of bins was increased to the current 22, and Loraas Environmental Services Ltd. had to be contracted to come twice a week rather than weekly. Recyclables no longer need to be sorted except for glass which is still handled by the town.

The bin system was always intended to be a temporary measure. Now the question has arisen – does Unity stay with the present system OR build a new recycling depot and manage it themselves OR move to curbside pickup, contracted to Loraas?

garbage outside recycling bin

One of the problems with the present bin recycling system in Unity is the unsightliness resulting from people leaving garbage in the area.

A public meeting was hosted by Unity town council July 4 and opinions were mixed on the options. The business community, in particular, is very concerned about the increased costs of curbside pickup. Next week, former councillor Erik Hansen will be presenting some facts and figures to town council on a town-managed recycling depot.

No decision has yet been made. If you have an opinion, be sure to let others know. Write a letter to the editor of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald, discuss it with your friends, tell a town councillor, ask to make a presentation to the council and/or leave a comment by clicking on reply (at beginning of post) which we will pass on to Mayor Sylvia Maljan.

(Further information on past, present and possible future recycling in the Town of Unity is in the July 15 and July 22 issues of The Press-Herald.)



UCHS Graduation – 2013

Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Graduation diplomas were handed out to 35 Grade 12 students at Unity Composite High School, June 28. Scholarships were awarded, pecial accomplishments recognized and speeches made.

Principal Maureen Robertson addressed the graduating class, speaking on strength and gentleness. MC Neil Ehnisz thanked the community for its support of UCHS students, noting
the total amount of local scholarship money being handed out that morning to students was approximately $20,000. To see the complete list of scholarship winners, please see the July 8th issue of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald.

Shelby Solomko

Shelby Solomko was recognized for her leadership and volunteer activities at the UCHS graduation ceremonies.

Jonathan Neigum

With a 97.9% average in his Grade 12 classes, Jonathan Neigum won the honour of delivering the 2013 UCHS valedictory address.

Shelby Solomko won the UCHS Leadership and Dedication Award.







Jonathan Neigum received the Grade 12 Proficiency Award and Honour Cord for the highest Grade 12 average. Jonathan also won the Governor General’s Medal for being the student with the highest combined average for both Grades 11 and 12.

If you would like to read Jonathan’s speech, see

Luseland School – 2013 Graduation

Small Town, Big Dreams

Luseland Homecoming Hall was packed with friends, relatives and proud parents
June 29, attending to celebrate with and applaud the 15 graduates of Luseland School’s class of 2013.

Grade 12 diplomas and academic awards were handed out to each student, as well as a number of scholarships. For a complete list of scholarship winners, please see the July 8th issue of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald.

Luseland Grad - Colton Upton

Top student Colton Upton receives his diploma from retiring principal Murray Wankel.

The two scholarships awarded to the student with the highest average went to Colton Upton.

Senior shop teacher, Michael Hagel was the guest speaker. Having known all the students since Grade 8, he compared each to a food in a humorous talk about “the Grade 12 student buffet.”

Luseland School valedictorian

Jeremy Campbell, 2013 valedictorian for Luseland School’s graduating class.

As well as winning a large number of scholarships, graduate Jeremy Campbell was chosen by the class to be the 2013 valedictorian. Jeremy spoke about each classmate and remembered former classmates who were no longer with them.



UCHS Valedictorian Address – 2013

Written and delivered by Valedictorian Jonathan Neigum

After twelve years…we finally made it! The most important day on our educational pathway is finally here; graduation!
Good morning friends, family, teachers, community members and fellow graduates. My name is Jonathan Neigum and it is an honour to be named this year’s Valedictorian and to be representing this group of exceptional students. Together, we have conquered this long road of elementary and high school education. Most importantly, we conquered this road together.
First, I would like to thank our community. Your constant belief, support and encouragement has shaped us all. You have taught us the importance of being active community leaders and volunteers. The lessons we have learned by all the residents will unquestionably follow us throughout our future.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to the staff at Unity Composite. Your drive, dedication and determination has certainly not gone unnoticed. Your confidence in every one of us is undeniably the reason we are sitting up here today. The extra time you have spent through extra-curricular activity, committee involvement as well as outside of the class assistance is exemplary. I know we are all incredibly appreciative of your dedication towards our future and ensuring we are prepared for the road ahead. I am confident in saying that we are all ready for the next chapter in our lives through your passion and commitment.
Special thanks goes to our families. Our appreciation for your love and support throughout this first phase of our lives is immeasurable. Your constant encouragement, confidence and the occasional reminder of an upcoming test or assignment has influenced the success we are enjoying today. You are our number one fan, our support group, our rock and our best friend. We thank you for being here to celebrate this special event with us.
Finally, I would like to thank my fellow classmates. Growing up with these graduates has been inspiring. Witnessing the transformation from childhood to adulthood each one of us has experienced over our time in school together has been remarkable. I know I will never forget the laughs we have shared, the smiles exchanged, the stories we have told and the odd tear we have shed. I know that some of our best memories have been made in these very halls and classrooms. I could not have asked for a better class to share the first stage of my life with.
To conclude, I would like to share one quote with my fellow classmates. Everyone that knows me knows that I am passionate about Apple products. Naturally, I would like to share inspirational words spoken by the late Steve Jobs. He once said, “You’ve got to find what you love. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”
With this, I congratulate my fellow peers in graduation. I hope everyone sitting up here today finds the career in which they are passionate about and enjoy. Our world is big, but this grad class is ready to conquer it and oh, the places we’ll go while doing so.
Thank you and again, congratulations Grad Class of 2013.