A long weekend and a new paper

Wishing all our readers and subscribers, in print and online, a very Happy Family Day weekend! The February 16th Unity Wilkie Press-Herald will be available Tuesday, February 17. In its pages you can expect to learn:

  • which UCHS team has won a provincial award for sportsmanship;
  • what First Impressions visitors to Maple Creek, SK,  brought back with them as ideas for Unity to try;
  • about a “school of rock” in Luseland; and
  • who the winners were in the Denzil men’s bonspiel.

And of course more, including a thought-provoking piece on vaccinations, the RCMP report, hockey reports, a Royal Purple report and an article on an unusual sport being pursued by a Unity SK teen.

Below – painted windows soften the appearance of empty stores in Maple Creek’s downtown.

main street, maple creek SK


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