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Changes on Main Street – possible new opportUNITY

Main Street in the Unity downtown has seen many businesses come and go over the years. From furniture stores and ladies’ dress shops years ago to the loss of Ultra Sports, Ridgeline Engineering and Jig’s Variety Store last year, business closures are generally a sad event for the community, the town and the customers.

On the other side of the coin, when an empty downtown building is filled with a new business, it creates optimism for everyone – the new business owners, the town, residents and even surrounding businesses. Last year, we saw Special Event Rentals, Crossfit Lair and Wildeman Sports Excellence all take up space and open their doors on Main Street. Just off Main Street, Family Foods also opened last year.

Lindsey Deroo

Along with other changes on Main Street in Unity, Saskatchewan, this former ladies’ wear shop is now a fitness facility. Lindsey Deroo opened up Crossfit Lair in May of last year, 2013.

There is still room for new business on Main Street and Sister’s Flowers will be closing soon, creating another vacancy. Of course Main Street is not the only place to have a business, as the opening of Family Foods proved, and there is other space available in town too.

The town’s economic development officer, Carey Baker, has done some research into potential businesses, businesses which do not currently exist in Unity. One business he believes would be a wonderful addition to the town and surrounding area is a family entertainment centre.

The family entertainment centre concept he has looked at is a mixed bowling and indoor playground facility, with two to four lanes of contemporary bowling, including electronic scorekeeping and glow in the dark options, and an indoor playground, such as might be found at some Burger King and McDonald’s venues, as well as a lounge and concession area.

Daycares, seniors, families, special needs, schools and special event parties would be some of the potential users of such a facility.

Baker has done some preliminary work on a business proposal for a family entertainment centre and would like to speak to people who might be interested in looking at this particular opportunity. In an email, he says this business “is one that I am particularly interested in and believe would be a great addition to the region. I cannot state specifically that the Family Centre is feasible, but would be happy to provide the information I have gathered, contacts, etc., and would assist interested individual(s) to further the study of its feasibility.”

Whether you would like to look at the details on the family entertainment centre or simply want more information in general about opening a new business in Unity, Baker can be contacted at the town office, 306-228-2621 or online at unity.economic@sasktel.net.