STC brings back seniors’ seat sale – travel anywhere in Sask for $15!

Any seniors can travel anywhere an STC bus goes in Saskatchewan for just $15 all through the month of September. The price applies to anyone aged 60 and over.

For example, normally a senior will pay $57.70 for a return fare from Unity to Saskatoon. In the month of September, the cost will be only $30 – almost half price!

“We want seniors in Saskatchewan to view bus travel as a comfortable and convenient transportation alternative,” Minister responsible for STC Jennifer Campeau said.  “STC’s senior seat sale gives seniors an affordable and green way to visit family and friends across Saskatchewan.”

Every passenger on a Saskatchewan Transportation Ccompany bus potentially means one less vehicle on the road – making the province both safer and greener.  Bus travel is not only the greener alternative, it is also an affordable alternative.

“This is the sixth year that STC has offered our senior seat sale,” STC president and CEO Shawn Grice said.  “We’re always impressed with the number of senior riders that come out and take advantage of the savings during sale months.”

Seniors can find out more about the sale on STC’s website at or on STC’s Facebook page at  Sale tickets can be purchased at any STC agency but remember to to bring your identification with you.

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