Celebrity “Bull” Riding

15 brave individuals tried their luck at “bull” riding at the Unity Western Days rodeo May 23 and 24, 2015. Results are in the June 8th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald but here is a photo of the thrills and spills of each of our local courageous (foolhardy?) celebrities, in order of their performances.

Saturday, May 23

Trevor Senger:

Celebrity Bull Riding at Unity rodeo

Scott Brownlee:

Unity Western Days, Celebrity Bull RidingScott Purcell:

Celebrity Bull Riding at Unity, SaskatchewanShae Guth:

Unity Western Days - locals rideAdam Tuffs:Local rodeo action at Unity SK

Mathieu Kiefer:

Celebrity Bull Riding, Unity SKDan Feser:Unity Western Days Celebrity Bull Riding

Joel Schell

Unity's celebrities ride cows!

Kevin Martin:

Celebrity Cow Riding at Unity SK

Ryan Zunti:

Unity Western Days

Dustin Wallace:

Western Days at Unity SK, 2015

Colton Timmermans:

Cow 1 - Celebrity Bull Rider 0Leila Ward:

All smiles even after being bucked off!Rob Jackson:

Unity Western Days, Celebrity Bull RidingBryce Woytiuk:

Out of the chutes ...





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