Warriors’ year-end football banquet

Year-end awards for the 2013 football season were handed out at the UCHS football banquet Dec. 2. Team members, parents, coaches and other supporters of the Unity Composite High School Warriors football team attended the banquet and awards presentation.

The Warriors had what Coach Pat Orobko called a “very successful” year. The team made it into provincial playoffs as one of the top eight teams in the province in their category.

The students played a video with each player introducing himself and giving his number and position or positions played. Many players made the most of their opportunity to ham it up a little in front of the camera.

A video of highlights from the Warriors’ 2013 football season followed. Coach Pat Orobko commended Jonah Kopp and Darby Bisson on putting the video together.

UCHS football

Blake Robertson, Darby Bisson and double award winner Nick Anderson, in the back row and Ryan Donald, Jonah Kopp and double award winner Justin Gerein show off the awards received at the UCHS Warriors year-end football banquet.

The first award handed out went to Darby Bisson as most improved player. Orobko said Darby “took his game to a new level this year.”

The top offensive player was quarterback Blake Robertson, who was commended for his “football sense” and the use of both his arms and legs.

There were two recipients for the Heart & Soul award. Orobko listed qualities of “leadership, desire, motivation and the ability to inspire others” before he called up Justin Gerein and Nick Anderson to receive the award.

Justin returned to the stage to receive the MVP award. Orobko said he was “the player you need on the field as much as possible and the player you miss the most when he’s not on the field.”

Coach Martin Berg went to the microphone to announce the defensive awards, calling up Nick Anderson as the top lineman of the year. Berg noted Nick won the same award in 2012 and said he was “a noticeable presence in every game.”

Ryan Donald, a Grade 11 student, was named rookie of the year, with his versatility particularly noted. In the final game, Ryan was on the field not only with the defence as a linebacker but also filled in on the end of the o-line when the offence was on the field.

Jonah Kopp won the top defensive player award, with Berg saying Jonah had “really stepped up his game the last two seasons.”

After the awards, graduating players Ridge Klotz, Adam Wallace, Nick Anderson, Jonah Kopp, Darby Bisson and Justin Gerein, were recognized for their contributions to the team.

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