New principal at UPS

By Sherri Solomko

Karalyn Brown, who grew up on a farm near Baldwinton and has been the principal and teaching at Cut Knife Elementary School, will be the new principal at Unity Public School, following the retirement of Doug English this past June.

Karalyn, along with husband Evan and children – Raedyn, 12, going into Grade 7, and Megan,9, going into Grade 4 – are moving to Unity.

Karalyn, who taught Grade 6 at UPS in 1999-2000, said, “UPS has a great reputation so I am excited about the chance to work here once again!”

Along with sitting at the principal’s desk, Mrs. Brown will be teaching one class of Grade 6 ELA, as well as a little bit of kindergarten.

When asked what some of her favourite things to do at school were, Karalyn replied via email, “I just enjoy being with the kids – whether it is in the gym, outside at recess or visiting the classrooms. I enjoy listening to their stories (quite often rather entertaining!) and getting to know them.”

For more on Karalyn Brown, the new UPS principal, please see the August 26 issue of the Press-Herald.

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