Scholarship presentations at UCHS grad – Part 1 of 3

(Please see the July 8th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald for complete graduation ceremony coverage. The June 24th issue of the Press-Herald has photos of each individual grad, along with their names and those of their parents.)

Winners of local scholarships and bursaries at Unity Composite High School, Unity, SK, June 30. Congratulations to all 2016 grads!

Governor General's Academic Medal



Raelyn McAleer was the winner of the Grade 12 Proficiency Award, honour cord and the Governor General’s Academic Medal.





Living Sky School Division Board Scholarship – presented by board member Ronna Pethick to graduate Robyn Sperle.





2 CWL - Elise Stifter




St. Peter’s CWL Bursary – awarded to Elise Stifter




Unity Credit Union Scholarship and Bursary – presented by GM Gerald Hauta to Cindy Chang and to Raelyn McAleer

3b Unity Credit Union - Raelyn McAleer3 Unity Credit Union - Cindy Chang








Unity Health Care Auxiliary Scholarships – presented by Sandra Glassford to Ayob Rafid-Hamed and Megan Bloder

4 Health Care Auxiliary - Ayob Rafid-Hamed4b Health Care Auxiliary - Megan Bloder








5 Matthew Borden Bursary - Michaela Deck



Matthew Borden Bursary – presented by Maureen Robertson to Michaela Deck





UCHS Senior Leadership and Dedication Awards – presented by Ken Parker to Brett Kuhn and by Ann Marie David to Iza Belle Lucenio

6b Leadership - Iza Belle Lucenio6 - Leadership Award - Brett Kuhn







7 - Access Commmunications - Byron Hauta



Access Communications Scholarship – presented by Greg Bick to Byron Hauta




8 Delta Co-op - Caitlin Moon



Delta Co-operative Association Bursary – presented by GM Joe Reddekopp to Caitlin Moon




9 Jenai Danieele Bounting - Cody Thompson




Jenai Danielle Bounting Bursary – presented by Maureen Robertson to Cody Thompson




10 David Ray Surine - Elise Stifter




David Ray Surine Bursary – presented by Maureen Robertson to  Elise Stifter




11 Jeffrey Glen Bounting - Iza Belle Lucenio




Jeffrey Glen Bounting Bursary – presented by Maureen Robertson to Iza Belle Lucenio




Photos of additional presentations to be posted later this week in two further installments.

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