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Atom Lazer Reds visit the Wilkie Outlaws

The Unity Red Lazers visited the Wilkie Outlaws in an atom division Hi-Way Hockey League game Jan. 14. Unity won the game 4-3.

For Unity and Wilkie minor hockey team photos, and a complete write-up (and more photos) of this Atoms game, check out the January 19th Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. There are also additional photos at wilkiestories.com.atom 3 u 1w_8929 unity shot_8946

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Monday’s paper

Another full paper coming up for all the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald readers. Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

  • a war bride shares some of her memories of wartime in Scotland and adjusting to life in Canada;
  • a lively ratepayers’ meeting for the RM of Round Valley #410 is reported upon, covering issues of assessment, taxation and tendering;
  • another UCHS graduate success story as Lyndon Brown receives an award from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission; and
  • Guy’s Furniture celebrates its grand opening next week, learn about this family-owned company.

Pre-Christmas events are starting to be advertised so be sure to check out the ads. And there’s school, hockey and RCMP news too!

In the SWHL, the Wilkie Outlaws came to Unity to play in the Miners in their first matchup of the year in the revamped Sask West Hockey League. The Miners are the defending SWHL champions while the Outlaws played in the NSRHL last year and won that title. Below are Unity’s no. 55, Michael George, and Wilkie’s no. 6, Dustin Glackin.Wilkie Outlaws @ Unity Miners