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First paper after holidays coming up!

Welcome back to all our subscribers and readers. After some time for play and rest and relaxation – and catching up on chores at home or at the lake – the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald staff are back and have a paper ready to print for Monday distribution! In that newspaper you will find:

  • after some changes, an introduction of all the personnel at the Press-Herald;
  • the story of the UK Royals at Western Canadian championships;
  • the story of the Peewee Cardinals at Western Canadian championships;
  • another introduction – this one to the new dentist in town;

along with more baseball and softball news and information on the Town of Unity’s residential infill incentive policy and a long-time Unity business downsizing and moving.

Town of Unity, Saskatchewan

An RTM is moved into location on a lot on 5th Avenue East in Unity, SK. Property tax exemptions which apply to new homes on lots in established subdivision – the infill incentive policy – will expire at the end of 2015.