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24 pages of locally relevant news

The November 24th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald is a big one – 24 pages of local and locally relevant news! Check it out for:

  • a special section on the Unity salt plant, construction of which started 70 years ago;
  • an introduction to the candidates running to represent Battlefords-Lloydminster now that long-time MP Gerry Ritz has joined the ranks of the retired (there was an article on Conservative candidate Rosemarie Falk in the November 17th Press-Herald);
  • coverage on the Nov. 16 snowstorm; and
  • ¬†photos of local music students.

And much, much more, including an update on plans for a Kin club in Unity, hockey reports and RCMP reports. Pick up a copy at grocery stores, drugstores or the Co-op C-store!

Below, the Compass Minerals salt plant at Unity SK is shrouded in fog as the winter sun rises.Compass Minerals at Unity

Monday’s paper

As promised in the paper this week, next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald will have the details of the charges regarding the horses near Scott who were suffering from lack of food this past winter. Along with that, you can expect a variety of information and photos, such as:

  • an update on Unity golfer Justin Wood;
  • a summary on this year’s season for the Unity and Wilkie Minor Ball baseball teams, and who’s heading off to provincial play;
  • a report on special recognition of the Oil Persons by Unity Golf Club; and
  • information on car seat clinics and the new laws regarding booster seats.
Mosquito Cardinals @ Wilkie

The Unity Cardinals play Wilkie in a mosquito game June 17, at Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

In the booming Province of Saskatchewan, Unity continues to have plenty of job opportunities too!