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Next week’s paper

It’s been a while since we’ve had a 24-page paper but that’s the treat that’s in store for Unity Wilkie Press-Herald readers next week! There is a LOT going on in town – be sure to check out the ads too so you know what is happening when with AGMs, the Sports Wall of Fame induction dinner and other upcoming events.

As far as articles go, next week you can read about:

  • changes coming up for KC Rescue (note – foster homes for cats needed);
  • the latest open house regarding recycling changes in the Town of Unity;
  • a guest speaker and special events at UCHS designed to include everyone as an anti-bullying tactic; and
  • hockey round-ups for the provincial Bantam Lazers and the Canucks rec hockey teams.

Of course with 24 pages there is much more than that – get your copy of the April 13th issue and read it for yourself. And remember, you can have it delivered to your mailbox for less than 50 cents a copy! Call 306-228-2267 to subscribe.

Is it co-incidence or wisdom spanning centuries that has this cat choosing to camouflage itself at nap time? Just one of many cats at KC Rescue looking for a “forever” or foster home.

Camouflaged cat naps at KC Rescue in Unity, SK