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Halloween party tips from the RCMP

Unity RCMP want to wish all of their communities a safe and happy Halloween.

Sgt. Grant A. RUSK
NCO i/c Unity/ Wilkie/ Macklin RCMP Detachment

halloween yard decorations

 Below are some safety tips from the RCMP site, sent along by Sgt. Rusk.

Halloween Safety Tips – If you decide to spend your evening at a Halloween party:
  • Make sure to use the buddy system while at a party. Stay with at least one of your friends at all times, especially if you don’t know many people.
  • Be cautious of underage drinking, or any illegal drugs that may be circulating around the party.
  • Make sure to never leave your drink unattended.
  • Don’t accept a ride home from someone at the party, especially if you think they may have been drinking or doing drugs.
  • Agree on a time and a place for you and your friends to meet in the event that you get separated, so that you can all go home together.
  • Call your parents or a trusted adult right away if you feel uncomfortable and want to be picked up.

Regardless of what you are doing, make sure you are dressed for the weather which is always unpredictable in late October. Halloween is a day when people can unwind and have a blast, dress up and be spooky; but always remember to be safe while enjoying the night.

Halloween decorations