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Provincial government launches Saskatchewan.ca

The Government of Saskatchewan’s new website, Saskatchewan.ca, is improving access to information and services for Saskatchewan people as well as those considering visiting or moving to the province.

The previous Saskatchewan government website at gov.sk.ca was created in 2006, before tablets and smartphones were commonly used. It has since grown to more than 400,000 pages of content and its size and complexity make it hard to find information and services.

Research with Saskatchewan people found that grouping information by related topics under the headings “Live,” “Work,” “Play” and “Government” will make the new website more user friendly, as it will be organized by Saskatchewan people’s interests rather than by government ministries. This change also reflects what Saskatchewan has to offer visitors, potential investors and people considering moving to Saskatchewan.

The new website uses analytics to track and promote frequently visited pages like the Highway Hotline, saskjobs.ca or where to find day care so the most sought after information can be highlighted and kept current.

The first phase of the website project was completed between June and December 2013. The $1 million cost of the project came from existing government website and IT budgets.

Saskatchewan.ca is part of an overall program to enhance online services to citizens. The web project included planning for the new digital program, gathering citizen feedback into their wants and needs, selection and implementation of a new content management system, reviewing more than 400,000 pages of content on the current website, design for the new site including a more accessible and mobile-friendly site; build of the new website and testing of the new site.

Government will continue to transition content and services from gov.sk.ca to Saskatchewan.ca over the coming year. Both gov.sk.ca and Saskatchewan.ca will operate until the transition is complete.

Events calendar now online

Effective immediately, Unitystories.com and Wilkiestories.com have calendar pages. Any business or organization advertising a specific event in the Press-Herald will also have their event included in the online calendar listing for their specific community. In some cases, the event will be listed on the calendar page for both communities.

You can find the calendar at http://unitystories.com/calendar/ or by clicking Calendar on the menu at the top of each page on the unity stories website.

Although there is no additional charge for the online listing, please note only events advertised in print are eligible to be included.