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Next week’s paper

News of some hockey championships is starting to trickle in while other teams will still be on the ice this weekend. Find out who and what in the March 30th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. The last issue of March, 2015 will also feature:

  • a heartwarming story about a former resident making a name for himself simply by performing acts of kindness;
  • the Luseland location of Delta Co-op will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year – find out how and when it began;
  • a report on Unity Credit Union’s AGM and a summary of the year past and the year ahead; and
  • met the Town’s new, and first, Director of Finance.

Along with the RCMP report, a new Faith Matters column, a report of who won what for which project at the Regional Science Fair and more, there is plenty of reading and viewing ahead for you in next week’s paper.


Another jam-packed paper

Not only will the February 9 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald feature a wide variety of stories, it includes the always popular Babies of 2014 feature! Along with three pages of cuteness, you’ll find:

  • a story on a local weightlifter setting new provincial records;
  • photos and details from the Luseland wildlife dinner;
  • a piece on the beginnings of the Unity museum; and
  • the second article on visitors’ “first impressions” of Unity – where there is room for improvement.

Then there is the RCMP Report, hockey news, more movie reviews, a special Valentine’s Top 10 and more. Don’t miss one of our most popular editions of the year!

Babies of 2014

Are Royal Canadian Legion branches going to disappear?

Legion members are worried. As an active committee member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #90 in Unity, Saskatchewan, puts it, they are “in dire need.”

While branches and members appreciate communities supporting their fundraising efforts, what they need more than ever before is new members, and especially, new members who are willing to take on an active role.

Mike Wildeman of the Unity branch says recent meetings have no more than nine members in attendance and the average age of the attendees is close to 80. “The Legion, in a year’s time, may not be the Legion, without a membership drive,” he said.

At one time, the Unity Legion boasted a membership list of 175 names; today that list is down to less than 60. Many on today’s list are members in name only and are not active in organizing or planning any activities.

Wilkie and Luseland Legion branches have the same issues with declining membership lists and less than 10 people coming to meetings. Luseland Legion president Brian Honeker said they only have 22 members currently, six of who no longer even live in the Luseland area.

Any membership drive will have to focus on people willing not only to become a Legion member, but also to attend meetings and take a turn on the executive. The only qualification to be a Legion member is being a Canadian citizen.

The Unity, Wilkie and Luseland branches all meet only once a month, and take the summer off. Both Wildeman and Honeker, and other active Legion members in the area, would be more than happy to hear from you if you have any questions about Legion membership and/or where you might be able to assist, whether it is locally, provincially or nationally.

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #90

The upcoming paper

Statistics, winners and photos from the Unity Ag Society’s 2014 Fall Fair and Trade Show lead the parade of articles and pictures in the October 13th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. But that is not all – you will also find:

  • a Heartland Health Region article on flu shots;
  • provincial results for the UCHS cross-country team;
  • a new honour for golfer Justin Wood; and
  • details on the upcoming hockey season in Luseland.

A “Here’s how I see it” editorial, the RCMP report, MP Gerry Ritz’s view on action against ISIS, specials and events at the co-op and credit union during next week’s Co-operatives Week and ads for other upcoming events round out the next issue.

Fall fair entrants, and prize winners, ranged from two-year-old Aya Macdonald to 90-year-plus Sally Neigum!

fair exhibitY


Unity Ag Society fall fair

Funding available for community rinks

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that the Community Rink Affordability Grant will be offered in 2014.  This is the third consecutive year for the popular program.

The Community Rink Affordability Grant provides funding to Saskatchewan’s municipal indoor skating and curling rinks.  Communities, schools, non-profits and First Nations are eligible to apply to the program.  Successful applicants will receive a grant of $2,500 per indoor ice surface.  The grant may be used to help offset the cost of rink operations and minor capital upgrades.

“Skating and curling facilities have always played an important role within Saskatchewan communities,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said.  “They serve as meeting places where we can socialize, meet new people and engage in physical activity.  By supporting the operation and maintenance of our local rinks, this grant will contribute to the enviable quality of life enjoyed by citizens across the province.”

The Government of Saskatchewan is committing $1.7 million to the grant program for 2014.  More than $3.2 million has been invested into the program in the last two years.  The program has benefited more than 380 communities across the province.

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association will administer and deliver the program.

“Ice rinks bring communities together by providing individuals of all ages with the opportunity to participate in fun recreation activities,” Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association President Mike Powell said.  “Our organization is pleased to once again partner with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport in the administration of the Community Rink Affordability Grant.  This grant ensures that rinks continue to be well-maintained and well-operated so that Saskatchewan communities can enjoy cold weather activities in safe and quality environments.”

To register for the Community Rink Affordability Grant program, please complete the online form found on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association’s website at www.spra.sk.ca/crag

Pharmacist speaks to seniors’ gathering

Seniors from Unity, Denzil, Dinsmore, Dodsland, Harris, Kerrobert, Luseland, Macklin and Wilkie gathered at the New Horizons Hall in Unity SK, May 22 for a SSAI regional rally. The mission statement of the Saskatchewan Seniors Association Incorporated is “Working for seniors to bring seniors together in one strong, non-partisan, non-racial, non-sectarian organization that will work for the welfare of all seniors in Saskatchewan.”

Shannon Ireland

With the New Horizons Hall in Unity, Saskatchewan brightly decorated, pharmacist Shannon Ireland speaks to attendees at the Region D spring rally of the SSAI.

The Region D rally featured local pharmacist Shannon Ireland of Unity, Saskatchewan, as a guest speaker, to pass on information about drugs, prescriptions, the seniors’ drug plan and related topics.

Ireland spoke about different options for prescription coverage, including the Saskatchewan seniors’ drug plan, Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Greenshield and Group Medical Services. She said it is important for each individual to look at the available choices, from the perspective of his or her own individual circumstances. The plan that is best for one senior may not be the best option for another.

She also said any Saskatchewan resident, a senior or not, can make an application to have the drug plan deductible reduced. The applications are assessed on a combination of income and the cost of the prescriptions needed. “Everybody should be able to afford their medication they need to live, and also (be able) to pay their rent and buy their food.”

Ireland said pharmacists can help with the forms that need to be filled out. Another option is to ask your accountant or family members to help.

In response to questions from the audience, Ireland spoke about the size of some pills, saying multivitamins and calcium are the biggest offenders in terms of being large. Nevertheless, if the instructions are “Do not crush,” there is a reason for that direction. Often a “Do not crush” pill has a special coating that is also the delivery mechanism for the active ingredients. Some are sustained release products, specially created so that the dose is not absorbed into the body all at once. Many blood pressure pills are sustained release medications.

Audience questions covered a lot of ground, including what to do if you have forgotten to take your pills. Bubble packs can help as you can see if you took your medication that morning or not. For certain prescriptions or if you are taking, for example, five pills daily and three are already on the drug plan, then the seniors’ drug plan will pay the cost of the bubble pack.

Ireland also advised that, if you remember about your medication shortly after you were supposed to take it, say within a few hours, then take it when you remember but if it is evening already and you were supposed to take it in the morning, then wait and just take the next dose at the usual time. She added, “If you’re forgetting more than you’re remembering, change to a time you’re more likely to remember to take it.”

Ireland reminded everyone to talk to their pharmacists about their medications. “Part of our job is to tell you if drugs are going to interact.” Check with your pharmacist about interactions with over the counter drugs and herbal remedies as well.

After Ireland’s presentation, the attendees, 65 in all, enjoyed lunch and socializing.

Unity’s Rodeo Queen contestants

Unity Western Days is fast approaching – May 30, 31 and June 1 – and that means our rodeo queen contestants are out and about selling tickets.

Each ticket you buy is a vote for the girl of your choice to be the 2014 Rodeo Queen. Tickets are only $1 each and will also be entered into a draw for $500, $300 and $150 Chamber bucks to spend at any store in Unity which is a Unity and District Chamber of Commerce member.

This year’s rodeo queen contest is a little different – only one girl from Unity SK is running, Sharlee Zazalak. Joining her are Shawna Meier from Tramping Lake, Luseland girl Philmena Evans and Cut Knife’s Tiffany Rea. Look for your opportunity to buy tickets in these communities, as well as from the contestants themselves. In Unity, tickets can be found at Our Drug Store and the Press-Herald office.

Rodeo Queen Contestant

Sharlee is 16 years old and in Grade 10 at Unity Composite High School. Her sponsor is the Unity branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Although she has seven older siblings, she’s the only one left at home, living on an acreage between Unity and Wilkie with mother Helena Long and step-dad John Gottschalk.

She’s  grown up around animals and loves spending time with them, including the current  goats, chickens, cats, dogs, horses and a duck.

In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, listening to music, snowboarding, playing basketball and spending time with horses. Sharlee wishes the other contestants luck, and hopes to see you all at the parade and the rodeo.

Rodeo Queen ContestantPhilmena is 19 years old and lives on a farm outside of Luseland. Her sponsor is Luseland Wild Life. She works at Luseland Family Foods. Her parents are Tammy Schroh and Craig Evans. She grew up in Ruthilda with three siblings, moving to Rosetown at 15 and Luseland when at 18. When she turned 19, she worked on a cattle ranch for the summer.

In her spare time, Philmena enjoys riding her horse and training horses. She saved her horse, Lucy, from a meat buyer when Lucy was four and trained her for barrel racing.

Philmena also wishes all the other girls good luck!

Rodeo Queen ContestantShawna attends Luseland School. She is 18 and lives on a farm just outside of Tramping Lake. Her father is Patrick Meier, a full-time farmer. She is “super excited “to be running for Rodeo Queen on behalf of Luseland OK Tire.

When not working part-time at the Golden Prairie restaurant in Luseland, she is at home, nursing sick calves or tackling one or two for an ear tag or needle. She spends lots of time in the months of April and May working with her 4-H calves. If not busy with the cattle, she’s working with her two horses.

Off the farm Shawna is the president of her school’s SRC, captain of the volleyball team and she referees volleyball games when needed.

Shawna loves rodeos and her dream is to one day be able to barrel race in rodeos. She wishes all the other contestants good luck and looks forward to seeming them at the rodeo!

Rodeo Queen ContestantTiffany and her fiancé farm just south of Cut Knife. They have a grain farm and are very active in the Cut Knife Community. Sponsored by Red Leaf Landscaping, she is a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful children and has also worked as a special care aid at Battlefords District Care Centre. She loves sharing lively discussions with the elderly who “have a wealth of knowledge to share.”

She believes she is meant to work with horses and has been active in 4-H, both as a member and a leader, and takes part in team penning with Rocky, her blue roan quarter horse.

Tiffany has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in Saskatoon and Search and Rescue in the Battlefords as she believes giving back to your community is tremendously important. Excited about running for Rodeo Queen, she too wishes the other contestants good luck.


Horses seized – see Monday’s paper

Four horses from the pasture near Scott have now been seized by the Saskatchewan SPCA. Global, CTV and CBC are also now all covering this story of animal neglect.

CBC News

Read all about it in the February 24 issue of  the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. Also in next week’s paper:

  • a tale of a runaway bull, loose in Unity’s industrial area;
  • coverage on discussions about train speeds and cargo;
  • a report on the lack of rental housing in Unity; and
  • the Miners move on to the SWHL semifinals – they play at home Sunday, February 23 against Kindersley; Luseland also moved on, playing Lloydminster Friday, February 28.

Also, with Telemiracle coming up next weekend (March 1 and 2), find out who from Unity will be performing. They are looking for your donations to present while they are on stage.


Luseland v. Unity – junior girls’ basketball

The Luseland School’s junior girls’ basketball team, the Lords, came to Unity January 24 and 25 to compete in the UCHS girls’ home tournament. Girls from Major also play on the Lords team, and there are a couple of photos of them, along with Unity players, in the February 3 issue of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald.

Following are some additional photos from action during the games between the Luseland girls and both the Unity A and the Unity B teams.

ball in the air being chased down the court

unity dribble waiting for the passLuseland vs UCHSjunior girls basketballbasketball close-upluseland vs unityUnity Composite High School Warriors were undefeated in the tournament.

Arnold and Sandra Glassford

Sandra and Arnold Glassford, co-owners of Glassford’s Funeral Home, live on a farm between Unity and Wilkie. They are both licensed funeral directors and as much as possible they like to use local funeral assistants to help carry out the services of their Funeral Homes. Embalming is done at the Unity facility.

Glassfords Funeral HomeArnold began in the funeral business in 1992, followed by Sandra in 2001.

In 2003 they purchased the Unity Funeral Home at 157 3rd Ave. West in Unity. In 2007 they purchased a second facility at 302 5th St. West in Wilkie.

For the Glassfords, providing funeral services is “more than just a business.”

The couple feel that follow-up or after care is important and seek to serve each and every family with “dignity and compassion.”

Some services they provide are visiting surviving spouses to help them in their time of adjustment; providing a lending library for those who are grieving as well as helpful literature at the time of death.

They seek to treat everyone with the same dignity and respect, and to do all they can to help make the farewell for their loved one,all they would desire.

Arnold and Sandra find it very rewarding to help people as they seek to follow their motto of “Serving with dignity and compassion.”

For contact information and office hours, see http://unitystories.com/glassfords-funeral-home/