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Next week’s newspaper

News, info, photos, upcoming events, sales, job opportunities – all found in the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald paper coming out March 31, 2014. Monday’s paper includes stories on:

  • EMT shortages and the effect on nearby communities;
  • the Unity Miners as league champions – get the details of the final game and on the players and executive involved this year;
  • Unity Credit Union holding their AGM, reviewing 2013 and looking forward to 2014; and
  • the Senlac Cafe serving up gourmet meals.

The Top 10 lays out the  benefits of being a blood donor, while the editorial on page 4 explores in greater depth what it is like to be a donor.

Events in the past week at Unity, SK, included the Lions’ Spring Fling, where Jim Sego acted as MC and the Meota Hobby Band performed for attendees.

Unity, SK Lions ClubMeota Hobby Band