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Halloween tips to share with your kids

Halloween is a day when people can unwind and have a blast, dress up and be spooky; but always remember to be safe while enjoying the night!

jack-o-lanternsHere are some trick or treating safety tips from the RCMP website, sent along by Sgt. Rusk.

When you decide to go out trick or treating :

  • Collect candy in a group. Don’t trick or treat alone.
  • Bring a flashlight; some areas might not have any street lights.
  • Use make up instead of wearing a mask; that way your sightline is not blocked. If you do go with a mask, cut the eye holes a little bit bigger.
  • Make sure that your costume props cannot be used as weapons.
  • Bring a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Be careful around people you don’t know. While some people may really get into the Halloween spirit and want to scare everyone, others may have more worrisome intentions.
  • Don’t eat any unpackaged candy.
  • Don’t smash pumpkins and egg houses. While it may seem like harmless fun, this is vandalism that can lead to serious consequences.
  • Don’t take any chances by getting into a car with someone you don’t know.

BOO!Unity RCMP want to wish all of their communities a safe and happy Halloween.

From: Sgt. Grant A. RUSK, NCO i/c Unity/ Wilkie/ Macklin RCMP Detachment