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Bruno – 13, Carnduff – 3

After a tough 10 inning game against Unity less than an hour before playing the Bruno Bisons, the Carnduff Astros were unable to summon up the energy for a peak performance and will have to be satisfied with third spot in the 2013 Senior Men’s A2 Provincial Tournament.

Bruno Bisons v. Carnduff Astros

Bruno meanwhile moves on to play the Unity Cardinals in the final Sunday.

The Astros played the Bisons in their first game at the tournament, beating them 4-3 with a run in an extra inning played Saturday morning when the game had to be called the evening before as it was getting too dark. Losing to Unity Saturday afternoon, the Astros had to beat the Bisons again in order to move into the championship final but were unable to do so.

Bruno played hard and the second game between the two teams was called after the Bisons scored the 13th run in the bottom of the fifth inning, putting them ahead 10 runs, 13 to 3.

Game MVP was Bisons’ pitcher Cody Thiel.

Bruno Bison fielder

sliding into second base


Unity – 13, Carnduff – 11

It took 10 innings but eventually Unity emerged the victor in game 5 of the 2013 Senior A2 Baseball Provincial Championship Tournament. The win moved Unity into Sunday’s final, while the Carnduff Astros only had a short rest before playing the Bruno Bisons to determine who else would be in the final.

Unity Cardinals score

Keith Heitt slides towards home plate to score for the Unity Cardinals. Carnduff Astros’ Devon Carriere did get the ball right after this photo was taken, and made the tag but not in time.

The Unity Cardinals were trailing 3-2 at the end of the fifth. Whether it was struggling pitchers or hot batters, the sixth inning saw both teams have their entire rotation up to bat. The Astros scored four and Unity five, to end the sixth inning tied at 8-all.

Tightening down defensively, each team only saw four at bats in the seventh inning, with no runs scored by either team, leaving the game tied at 8-8 and going into extra innings.

Cardinal Justin D’Entremont scored early on an RBI by Taylor Heck (who went to the pitcher’s mound in inning six and stayed there for the rest of the game). Then, with two out and the bases loaded, the hometown crowd was hopeful for a bigger lead but Mark Ralston’s hit to centre field was caught by the Astros’ Danny Pool, ending the top of the eighth.

Devon Carriere, first up for Carnduff, got on base and with some aggressive baserunning, stole his way to third. He was able to score on an RBI by Danny Pool, tying the game once again. Danny didn’t get on base and with two out, Jason Boyes hit a foulball caught by Unity first baseman Mark Ralston to end the first extra inning.

Taylor Heck closed the game for the Unity Cardinals, pitching four and a half (approx.)innings, including the three extra innings.

Taylor Heck closed the game for the Unity Cardinals, pitching four and a half (approx.)innings, including the three extra innings.

Neither team was able to score in the ninth inning, both teams seeing “three up, three down.”

With Carnduff’s pitchers tiring, Unity was able to score four runs (Justin D’Entremont, Taylor Heck, Ben Gieni and Mark Ralston) in the 10th inning, but Carnduff still had last bat advantage.

Danny Pool had another RBI early in the bottom of the 10th, bringing home Adam Wilson. Danny’s hit was caught by Cardinal centre fielder Ryan Greenwald, making it two out but Carnduff still had two other runners on base. Jason Boyes was next up to bat and hit a single, bringing home Devon Carriere. The tying run was now on base but Carnduff’s last batter, Justin Crockatt left the runners stranded, ending the inning and the game at 13-11 for Unity.

Unity’s Cory Wildeman was game MVP.

Throughout the game, the sun made catching balls in field a little challenging at times, although Carnduff seemed to struggle with it more than Unity.

Unity Cardinals - Ryan Greenwald Carnduff Astros






Shielding the sun's glareCory Hoffman


Carnduff – Bruno finale

With the Bruno Bisons and Carnduff Astros tied 2-2 at the end of seven innings, their game Friday evening went into an eighth inning. With Kody Dzurka scoring for Bruno at the top of the eighth and Adam Wilson scoring for Carnduff in the bottom of the eighth for a 3-3 tie – and no lights on the field – the game was paused, to resume again Saturday morning, August 10.

The ninth inning Saturday morning saw no runs for Bruno while Danny Pool scored for Carnduff, giving the Astros the 4-3 win.

Game MVP was Garret Fiztpatrick.

The following photos are from early inning action Friday evening.Bruno Bisons v. Carnduff Astros

Burno Bison batterCarnduff Astro ballplayer

Carnduff – Bruno … to be continued!

Carnduff pitcher at senior men's A2 provincialsBatter for Bruno Bisons at provincials

After finishing the seventh inning tied at 2-2, the Carnduff Astros and Bruno Bisons went into an extra inning, August 9, in their first game at the 2013 Senior A2 Provincial Championship Tournament.



With each team bringing home a run in the 8th inning, the game was called and it will resume at 9 a.m., Saturday, August 10.