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Unity – 3, Bruno – 2

Cory Wildeman With the Unity Cardinals ahead 3-2, a very happy Cory Wildeman ran in after catching a fly to left field, making the third out in the final inning of the final game of the 2013 Saskatchewan Men’s Senior A2 Provincial Championships.

Unity Cardinals celebrateAfter losing 10-9 to the Bruno Bisons earlier in the day, the Cardinals came back to win the second game of the two-game final, giving them the senior men’s 2A provincial title.

Cory not only made the last play of the game, he started the game off by being the first one up to bat, hitting a single. After he stole second base, a Justin D’Entremont hit to centre field brought him home to score the first run of the game.

Neither team was able to do much with the bats in the next few innings and the score was still 1-0 for Unity, going into the top of the sixth.

Justin was first up and hit a double, then scored when Ryan Greenwald also hit a double. Ryan (“Wheels”) raced home on a single from Regan L’Heureux, to make the score 3-0.

Hanging out at first baseWith two out in the bottom of the sixth, Bruno’s Josh Kerpan hit a double and was brought home on a single by Kyle Sibley. With a potential tying run at the plate, Cardinal pitcher Taylor Heck struck out Curtis Sibley to finish the inning with the score 3-1 for Unity.

A change in pitchers for Bruno brought catcher Cody Thiel to the mound and the Cardinals were unable to get on base in the top of the seventh.

Taylor Heck

Taylor Heck, pitcher for the Unity Cardinals, was recognized as game MVP when the awards were handed out after the game.

Taylor Heck had pitched the entire first six innings, as well as the final inning of the game earlier in the day. After the Brunos got two players on base, Ben Gieni was called in to relieve Taylor, who was ultimately named the game MVP.

Thiel scored for Bruno, making the score 3-2. The Bisons loaded the bases and Cameron Weiman hit to left field where Cory caught the ball, getting the third out and ending the game. The score stayed at 3-2, giving Unity the win and the provincial championship

u-b brunoMembers of both teams were presented with individual plaques to recognize their accomplishments and, of course, the Cardinals get to show off the large championship plaque unitl this time next year.

Congratulations, boys, on your win and competitive ball playing!

Regan L'Heureux and Francis Kiefer

Final #1: Bruno -10, Unity -9


Bruno Bisons

Bruno Bisons celebrate their victory, after beating the Unity Cardinals and forcing a second game to determine who would be the senior men’s 2A provincial champions.

In a must-win situation, the Bruno Bisons defeated the Unity Cardinals 10-9 in the first game of the championship final series August 11 in Saskatchewan senior men’s A2 provincials.

The Bisons jumped out to an early lead, scoring two runs (Curtis Sibley and Cody Thiel, each an MVP in earlier games) in the first inning.

Corey Wildeman running home
Cory Wildeman runs past his cheering fellow Cardinals on his way to home plate, after hitting a homerun.

Cory Wildeman retaliated for the Cardinals with a homerun out over left field, followed by a Ben Gieni three-base hit and score in the second, tying the game 2-all.

Unity pulled into the lead in the third inning with two runs to Bruno’s one and a score of 4-3.

Justin D-Entremont running home

With the second homerun of the game, Justin D’Entremont runs home past an empty dugout as his teammates are outside waiting to congratulate him.

The fourth inning saw Unity bring home four players to score, including Justin D’Entremont who hit a home run over the right field fence. With Bruno only scoring one run in the inning, Unity was now ahead 8-4 and maintained their four run lead through the fifth inning which ended with a score of 9-5.

Bruno fought back hard, however, and scored five runs in the sixth inning, taking the lead at 10-9. Their runs included a three-base hit by game MVP Chris Osmak, who scored on an RBI from Curtis Sibley. That run proved to be the game winning run for the Bisons.

Bruno Bisons pitcher

The Cardinals, despite their last-bat advantage, were unable to score in either the sixth or seventh innings and, if they were to win provincials, would have to do it the hard way –with back-to-back games.




Bruno Bisons v. Unity Cardinals









Bruno – 13, Carnduff – 3

After a tough 10 inning game against Unity less than an hour before playing the Bruno Bisons, the Carnduff Astros were unable to summon up the energy for a peak performance and will have to be satisfied with third spot in the 2013 Senior Men’s A2 Provincial Tournament.

Bruno Bisons v. Carnduff Astros

Bruno meanwhile moves on to play the Unity Cardinals in the final Sunday.

The Astros played the Bisons in their first game at the tournament, beating them 4-3 with a run in an extra inning played Saturday morning when the game had to be called the evening before as it was getting too dark. Losing to Unity Saturday afternoon, the Astros had to beat the Bisons again in order to move into the championship final but were unable to do so.

Bruno played hard and the second game between the two teams was called after the Bisons scored the 13th run in the bottom of the fifth inning, putting them ahead 10 runs, 13 to 3.

Game MVP was Bisons’ pitcher Cody Thiel.

Bruno Bison fielder

sliding into second base


Bruno – 15, Rosetown – 3

With the Rosetown Angels going down to defeat at the hands of the Unity Cardinals 4-3 the night before, and the Bruno Bisons losing to the Carnduff Astros 4-3 in a final extra inning played earlier in the morning, the Angels and Bisons met in a do-or-die game August 10 in the Saskatchewan 2013 Men’s Senior A2 Provincials.

Although the Angels’ Jeff Ebel put the first run up on the scoreclock early in the game, the Bisons retaliated with three runs in the second inning and never looked back. Rosetown was unable to catch up and, losing 15-3 to the Bisons, the Angels’ provincial run was over.

Curtis Sibley, who scored three runs during the game, was MVP.

Bruno Bison batterRosetown Angel







Bruno Bisons vs. Rosetown Angels



Carnduff – Bruno finale

With the Bruno Bisons and Carnduff Astros tied 2-2 at the end of seven innings, their game Friday evening went into an eighth inning. With Kody Dzurka scoring for Bruno at the top of the eighth and Adam Wilson scoring for Carnduff in the bottom of the eighth for a 3-3 tie – and no lights on the field – the game was paused, to resume again Saturday morning, August 10.

The ninth inning Saturday morning saw no runs for Bruno while Danny Pool scored for Carnduff, giving the Astros the 4-3 win.

Game MVP was Garret Fiztpatrick.

The following photos are from early inning action Friday evening.Bruno Bisons v. Carnduff Astros

Burno Bison batterCarnduff Astro ballplayer

Carnduff – Bruno … to be continued!

Carnduff pitcher at senior men's A2 provincialsBatter for Bruno Bisons at provincials

After finishing the seventh inning tied at 2-2, the Carnduff Astros and Bruno Bisons went into an extra inning, August 9, in their first game at the 2013 Senior A2 Provincial Championship Tournament.



With each team bringing home a run in the 8th inning, the game was called and it will resume at 9 a.m., Saturday, August 10.