Scholarship presentations at UCHS grad – Part 2 of 3

(Please see the July 8th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald for complete graduation ceremony coverage. The June 24th issue of the Press-Herald has photos of each individual grad, along with their names and those of their parents.)

More winners of local scholarships and bursaries at Unity Composite High School, Unity, SK, June 30. Congratulations to all 2016 grads!

12 Sask Apprenticeship Award - Tyson Senger



Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Award – presented by Mathew Poirier to Tyson Senger




13 Unity Wildlife Federation - Cody Thompson



Unity Wildlife Federation Bursary – presented by Martin Berg to Cody Thompson




14 Tyler Glackin Memorial - Rommel Biri



Tyler Glackin Memorial Bursary – presented by Kyla Snell to Rommel Biri




Unity Lions Club Bursary and Scholarship – presented by Joe Reddekopp to Raelyn McAleer and to Katrina Laing

15 Lions Club Bursary - Raelyn McAleer15b Lions Club Scholarship - Katrina Laing







16 PDG Lions John Coid Memorial - Gianne Demafelix



PDG Lions John Coid Memorial Bursary – presented by Joe Reddekopp to Gianne Demafelix




17 - Royal Purple - Brett Kuhn




Order of the Royal Purple Bursary – presented by Elaine Sperle to Brett Kuhn




18 Ed Burnell & Family - Katrina Laing



Ed Burnell and Family Bursary – presented by Ron Weslowski to Katrina Laing




19 Steven Weslowski Bursary - Cody Thompson




Steven Weslowski Bursary – presented by Ron Weslowski to Cody Thompson




20 CUPE Local 4747 - Michaela Deck



CUPE 4747 Scholarship – presented by Michelle Squires to Michaela Deck





21 Downtown Medical Clinic - Elise Stifter



Downtown Medical Clinic Scholarship – presented by Dr. Linda Bloem to Elise Stifter





St. Peter’s Knights of Columbus Bursaries – presented by Richard Colbow to Elise Stifter and Byron Hauta

22 Knights of Columbus - Elise Stifter22b Knights of Columbus - Byron Hauta


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