Next week’s paper

How has another week come and gone and somehow we are on the downward stretch to Halloween and the end of October?! Whew …Anyway, next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald is ready for printing and will be fresh off the press for you bright and early Monday morning! In there you can expect to find:

  • a good news story about improvements to and cleanup of Brentwood Trailer Court & RV Park;
  • photo and article about the 2014 wrap up to the North West Minor Football League;
  • information about Children’s Vision Month and BDC’s Small Business Week; and
  • RCMP photos of a semi rollover near Tramping Lake, SK.

In  final playoff action Oct. 13, Unity Red Mean Machine faced off against Macklin Maroon in a battle for third and fourth place in the North West Minor Football League.

minor football at Unity, Saskatchewan

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