Derailment photos in Monday’s paper

ttrain anker cars derailed

Tanker cars lay jumbled up after a number of cars, mid-train, derailed west of Landis September 25. Photo provided by Unity/Wilkie/Macklin RCMP.

With the “substantial” train derailment taking place near Landis September 25 being referred to in national media stories, the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald is pleased to feature exclusive photos of the scene taken by its own correspondent, Alicia Leclercq, in Monday’s paper. See the September 30 issue for the story and pictures.

Also in Monday’s paper:

  • a report on moose-vehicle collisions
  • stories on the accomplishments of some of our 2013 grads
  • photos from Minor Football Day.

And don’t forget to check out the ads as there are a number of special events coming up!


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