Next week’s paper

There is quite a gaggle of kids on the front page of the September 29th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald!

In next week’s paper, you will also find:

  • a preview of the upcoming fall fair and trade show (October 3 and 4);
  • who’s been elected to RM councils by acclamation and which seats are being contested;
  • a story about Unity residents meeting astronaut Chris Hadfield; and
  • predictions on winter weather.

Don’t forget to check the ads for upcoming events such as registration for this winter’s curling leagues, and for sale items such as antifreeze in one ad and bins in another!

Don’t forget to pick up a fall fair booklet and exhibitor number at Mitchell Agencies so you can enter your pickles, jams, jellies or a vast variety of other items in the October 3rd and 4th fall fair!

trade fair pickles

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