Friday’s paper

Lots of reading and viewing in the September 23rd issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald for your edification and pleasure! Check it out for:

  • a complete report on Unity’s first ever “Under the Lights” high school football game;
  • information on the thefts and break-ins that have been plaguing the Unity-Wilkie area;
  • a report and photos from a Code Orange (mass casualties) drill at the Unity and District Health Centre; and
  • a local vet is recognized by her peers for service above and beyond.

And that’s the highlights! There’s more – Delta Co-op has been busy, the Ag Society has things ready for next week’s Trade Show and Fall Fair, the Courtesy Car received a donation … and there is a number of upcoming events to check out in the ads.

Below, more volunteer patients –¬†albeit¬†standing rather than on stretchers – wait to be assessed in the triage area in the emergency department of the Unity and District Health Centre while a “critically injured patient” is moved out to wait for a STARS pickup during a Code Orange exercise Sept. 15.

Unity and District Health Centre

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