Next week’s issue

The November 9th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald features our annual Remembrance Day tribute. This year, we also have a special page dedicated to recently passed veterans Cec Hayward and Bill Fleming.

Of course, we also still let you know what’s been happening in the Town of Unity, so look for:

  • some information you may not have known about our Public Works director, Collin Field;
  • a Talk of the Town from bylaw officer Randy Kammerer, talking about parking;
  • a description and photo from the Holistic Hearts Healing Fair held in Unity October 17; and
  • learn about tornados in an article about Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes making presentations to students in area schools.

Yes, we still have hockey news, the RCMP Report, financial planning information, a Top 10 and an editorial page too! All this for only $1 – or as a subscriber, even less than that!

Below, Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes shows off the tornado-hunting truck, Flash, to UPS and St. Peter’s School students.Ricky Forbes




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