Tomorrow’s paper

Our Grade 12 students are in the midst of their final high school exams and then it will be time to truly celebrate! Yes, tomorrow’s edition of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald is the annual grad feature. Be sure to get your copy and check out all the graduates in Unity, Wilkie and Luseland. If you have someone graduating, you may want to pick up an extra copy or two of the paper for grandparents, etc.

Along with the special pages on our grads, the June 24th Press-Herald also has:

  • an article on retiring UCHS teacher, Martin Berg;
  • an NSRBL report on where the Cardinals are at (their last non-playoff home game is this upcoming Tuesday, June 28);
  • the latest Sask Ag crop report; and
  • an introduction to the guest speaker at the Living Sky Student Hall of Fame night, along with highlights from his speech.

You will also find information on where you can pick up your paper if the threatened postal strike next month comes to pass.

Below, hats litter the gym floor after the traditional grad toss at UCHS in 2015.

after the hat toss

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