The paper this week

We are late with our preview but the paper is not quite out on the street yet so here we go! In the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald of July 21, 2014, you will find:

  • an update on the new pool construction and an explanation of lifeguard issues at the old pool;
  • an end of the regular season and playoff report on the Unity SK Cardinals; and
  • coverage and photos from the Scott Research Farm Field Day, held July 16.

Add in news on a 90-year-old golfer, the RCMP report, Trip of the Month winners, photos from the tea put on for seniors by the Royal Purple, etc., and there is plenty of reading and viewing in your local newspaper!

Below, guests at the Scott Research Farm Field Day chat as they gather onto the people-mover trailers and await the start of events.

at Scott Research Farm, Saskatchewan

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