Special Christmas issue of the paper coming up!

Plenty of reading and looking enjoyment in next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. Along with the regular section of the paper which will hold:

  • the usual RCMP Report, school news, editorial and financial pages, etc.;
  • the list of winners in the Suffer Lake Regional Park cash lottery;
  • a report from the Unity and District Chamber of Commerce on their year in 2014; and
  • of course, photos and coverage of the World Junior A Hockey game between Russia and Canada East, hosted at Unity, SK, December 12;

there are TWO ADDITIONAL sections loaded with Christmas greetings, Christmas stories, fun graphics, Christmas event photos such as from Winter Wonderland, and more! If you’re a regular subscriber to the Press-Herald, a treat is in store for you. If you’re not a subscriber, you can buy a copy of this super-duper edition for only $1. Can’t beat that!

Merry Christmas!

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