Next week’s paper

We were going to say “Slowly the year is winding now” but then realized … Who were we kidding?! It’s not slow at all, but rather rushing towards us at breakneck speed. Next week will see the second last 2014 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald sent out and available in stores and Christmas is only 12 days away!

In next week’s paper you will find:

  • a detailed interview with a SaskPower representative regarding power outages;
  • who won what at the UCHS Warriors’ football awards banquet;
  • updates on minor hockey, the Midget AAs and the Unity Miners; and
  • photos of presentations and details of donations made to local organizations.

Be sure to check out the ads this week too – there are some pre-Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

Although the sun may be late in getting up, when it does, it’s usually a beautiful sight! Looks like next week will be sunny and not too cold, so enjoy!

Rural Saskatchewan, Canada

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