Next week’s paper

Unity was well represented at the annual Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation annual awards banquet April 22, receiving three awards! That’s the lead story in next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. In our local weekly newspaper, you will also find:

  • a report on awards won by UCHS drama students at their regional competition;
  • a report and photos from the Unity Miners’ awards night; and
  • just for a change of pace, a report and photos from a 52-person trip to Europe.

Be sure to check the ads too for some important details, including a schedule of recycling pickup dates.

Cleopatra - Shiraya Winterhalt

In her last, and 12 time on stage for UCHS drama, Shiraya Winterhalt received an Acting Certificate of Merit for her performance as Cleopatra in Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare.

Lady Macbeth - Iza Belle Lucensio

Iza Belle Lucenio won an acting medal for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth in Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare at the Saskatchewan High School Regional Drama Festival .

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