The Press-Herald next week

You will find something new in next week’s paper – a reader poll on which block in town you think is most in need of some TLC from Public Works. You can submit your own selection by clicking here or on Poll at the top of the page.

Along with information on the “worst street in town” poll – results to be published in the May 12 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald – in next week’s issue, you will find coverage of:

  • the showcase performances of the Unity Music Festival;
  • awards won by one of our reporters;
  • a student who brought her horse to school;
  • April 12th activities, including the co-op Easter egg hunt and the Spring Trade Show.
Unity SK Music Festival

Awards for performers at the Unity, Saskatchewan 2014 Music Festival

Photos accompany all those stories. We also have other odds and ends, along with regular features such as the RCMP Report, Faith Matters and a letter to the editor. All Things Financial reminds you that CRA will not contact you by phone or email; do not give out any personal information to anyone calling or emailing you “out of the blue” and claiming to be from CRA!



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