Heitts Plumbing and Heating

“In 1961, Uncle Ben Knorr started a plumbing and heating business in a small shop”, said Glen Heitt. Although long since outgrown, that building is still used today by Heitts Plumbing and Heating, for cold storage.

Brothers Glen and Larry took over the business in 1981, and today have 12 employees, including themselves. Stan Weber, a journeyman plumber, is the longest serving employee and a shareholder in the company.Heitts Plumbing and Heating

Glen’s and Larry’s wives, Wanda and Sheila can be found at the front counter, looking after customers and the books.

Glen and Wanda are avid curlers, competing each year in events that could lead them to provincial competition. Wanda has even competed nationally in senior women’s curling. Glen is president of the Unity Curling Club.

Larry and Sheila are also curlers but prefer the more recreational role.

The business offers residential and commercial plumbing, as well as all kinds of heating – forced air, boiler heaters, floor heating, radiant garage heating, unity heating and propane and natural gas heating. They also do residential and commercial air conditioning. They deal with farm well septic pumps and constant pressure pumps, water conditioning systems, whole house RO septic and have a complete line of service equipment for drain cleanings with a roto-rooter.

Heitts Plumbing and HeatingA variety of barbecues and accessories can be found in the showroom. They carry many “do it yourself” products to help out the handy man. They also carry, or can access, a full line of plumbing fixtures, taps, showers, tubs and steam showers.

One of their greatest strengths is personal contact with customers. They pride themselves on jobs well-done and seeing satisfaction from the people they work for.

They’ve been commended for the promptness of service calls – no matter the hour or day – when a furnace quits or a water heater stops working. Customers remark on the minimal impact their work has on a household, as Heitts’ staff are dedicated to ensuring as little disruption as possible.

Along with running their service-oriented business, the Heitts are known for sponsoring many community events and activities.

199 2nd Avenue East, Unity, Saskatchewan – 306-228-2441

Heitts Plumbing & Heating

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