Harvest underway everywhere

swathed canola

Drive anywhere near Unity and you are sure to see swathed canola in the field, waiting for the combine.

According to the latest Saskatchewan Crop Report, released by the Ministry of Agriculture August 29, harvest is underway everywhere in the province. Five per cent of crops had been combined and 14 per cent were swathed or ready to straight-cut. Although harvest operations are behind the five-year average for this time of year, yields are above average. The five-year average (2008-2012) is 15 per cent combined and 22 per cent swathed or ready to straight-cut.

For our area specifically, the crop report says:

West-Central Saskatchewan (Crop Districts 6B – Hanley, Outlook, Loreburn, Saskatoon and Arelee areas; Crop District 7 – Rosetown, Kindersley, Eston, Major, Kerrobert, Macklin, Wilkie and Biggar areas)

Two per cent of the crop has been combined, and 19 per cent has been swathed or is ready to straight cut. Thirty-nine per cent of winter wheat, 21 per cent of peas and 19 per cent of lentils have been combined. Forty-two per cent of canola has been swathed. Very little rain was recorded for the week, allowing producers to get a good start on harvest. Of the crop that has been harvested, crop reporters are indicating yields are above average for most areas of the region. Rain recorded ranged from nil to 10 mm (Biggar area). Soil conditions are very dry in the region as most areas have not had a significant amount of rain for a month or more.

Topsoil moisture conditions are rated as 46 per cent adequate, 44 per cent short and 10 per cent very short on cropland. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture conditions are rated as 35 per cent adequate, 46 per cent short and 19 per cent very short. All crop districts in the region are reporting more than one third of the crop and hay land is short of topsoil moisture.

Very little crop damage was reported in the region. Dry conditions are causing the majority of crop stress. Producers are busy with harvest operations.


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