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Next week’s issue

The November 9th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald features our annual Remembrance Day tribute. This year, we also have a special page dedicated to recently passed veterans Cec Hayward and Bill Fleming.

Of course, we also still let you know what’s been happening in the Town of Unity, so look for:

  • some information you may not have known about our Public Works director, Collin Field;
  • a Talk of the Town from bylaw officer Randy Kammerer, talking about parking;
  • a description and photo from the Holistic Hearts Healing Fair held in Unity October 17; and
  • learn about tornados in an article about Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes making presentations to students in area schools.

Yes, we still have hockey news, the RCMP Report, financial planning information, a Top 10 and an editorial page too! All this for only $1 – or as a subscriber, even less than that!

Below, Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes shows off the tornado-hunting truck, Flash, to UPS and St. Peter’s School students.Ricky Forbes




Next week’s paper

Even though it happened in “the town 20 miles down the road,” look for details on the Saskcan Community Centre fire in the October 19th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald, along with additional photos from the scene.

In next week’s joint community newspaper, you will also find:

  • a story and photos on all the random acts of kindness carried out by Delta Co-op, Unity Credit Union and Luseland Credit Union staff last week;
  • which athletes from UCHS were heading to cross-country provincials;
  • information on what parents should do during a school lockdown, in recognition of National School Safety Week; and
  • the latest RCMP report, a story on singing group The Travelling Mabels and the latest Saskatchewan Crop Report.

Warriors win at home, October 8, giving them hope of reaching the post-season playoffs!

Unity Composite High School Warriors football

Next week’s paper

October is here, and next week will be Fire Prevention Week. Check out the tips from and photos of our local volunteer firefighters in the October 5th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. You’ll also be able to:

  • read profiles of four of the federal election candidates running in our riding;
  • find out the results of the annual Fall Fair and Trade Show;
  • find out a little about co-operatives as Delta Co-op and Unity Credit Union will soon be celebrating Co-op Week; and
  • learn about a fun new initiative for kids at Unity Public School.

The phone on the table shows the size of this potato, on display at the Unity Agricultural Society’s annual Fall Fair and Trade Show, Sept. 25 and 26:

Unity Fall Fair

A first prize Jack-o-Lantern, made by nine-year-old Shawn Dyck:

trade jack-o-lantern

Nina Burnell’s award winning quilt:

trade quilt

Close-up detail on a first-place quilt made by Edna Jeffrey of Marsden:

trade quilt cu

This week’s paper

School is done, the Grade 12 have graduated and summer is here. Stay up to date with local happenings by checking out this week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald for:

  • who won what scholarships at both UCHS and Luseland;
  • police suggestions on preventing thefts;
  • a selection of photos from Unity’s Canada Day celebrations (between storms and rain); and
  • photos from the Parkview Place fashion show held at the end of May.

The police report, editorial page and advice on choosing children’s lifejackets help fill out the pages.

The UCHS Class of 2015:

Unity Composite High School Class of 2015 uchs group2



Next week’s paper

School is out, grad is this weekend and Monday sees the last June 2015 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald hit the streets. In that paper, you will find:

  • a story on the Saskatchewan Legionnaire of the Year – yes! a Unity resident;
  • the names of all Unity Composite High School students who were named to the Living Sky School Division Student Hall of Fame earlier this month;
  • a full report on Unity Minor Ball teams; and
  • an article on the Outlaws’ 100th anniversary celebrations coming up August long weekend includes some early details of Wilkie-Unity hockey rivalry.

The editorial page, RCMP Report and some school news round out next week’s paper.

Below, the Battleford Arena was decorated in an Alice In Wonderland type of theme for the Living Sky School Division Student Hall of Fame awards night.Living Sky School Division Student Hall of Fame


Next week’s paper

Unity was well represented at the annual Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation annual awards banquet April 22, receiving three awards! That’s the lead story in next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald. In our local weekly newspaper, you will also find:

  • a report on awards won by UCHS drama students at their regional competition;
  • a report and photos from the Unity Miners’ awards night; and
  • just for a change of pace, a report and photos from a 52-person trip to Europe.

Be sure to check the ads too for some important details, including a schedule of recycling pickup dates.

Cleopatra - Shiraya Winterhalt

In her last, and 12 time on stage for UCHS drama, Shiraya Winterhalt received an Acting Certificate of Merit for her performance as Cleopatra in Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare.

Lady Macbeth - Iza Belle Lucensio

Iza Belle Lucenio won an acting medal for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth in Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare at the Saskatchewan High School Regional Drama Festival .

Senior boys’ basketball – Luseland vs. Unity

The UCHS Warriors hosted the Luseland Lords in senior high school basketball February 24, at Unity SK. Here are some scenes from the boys’ game. Additional photos in the March 2nd Unity Wilkie Press-Herald weekly newspaper.

Senior high school basketballLuseland Lords vs. Unity Warriorsto the basket UCHS basketballluseland lords warrior no. 4 Basketball at Unity SK warrior no. 7 warrior pass warrior rush warrior shot luseland rush2

Next week’s paper

We were going to say “Slowly the year is winding now” but then realized … Who were we kidding?! It’s not slow at all, but rather rushing towards us at breakneck speed. Next week will see the second last 2014 issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald sent out and available in stores and Christmas is only 12 days away!

In next week’s paper you will find:

  • a detailed interview with a SaskPower representative regarding power outages;
  • who won what at the UCHS Warriors’ football awards banquet;
  • updates on minor hockey, the Midget AAs and the Unity Miners; and
  • photos of presentations and details of donations made to local organizations.

Be sure to check out the ads this week too – there are some pre-Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

Although the sun may be late in getting up, when it does, it’s usually a beautiful sight! Looks like next week will be sunny and not too cold, so enjoy!

Rural Saskatchewan, Canada

UCHS presents plays this evening!

Providing food for thought this Christmas season, UCHS drama students will present Modern Day Match Girl, along with a “silly” sci-fi spoof,  Space Women From The Planet Limbo, this evening at the Unity high school senior gym at 7 pm. The first public performances took place yesterday evening.

Almost as soon as school starts after the summer holidays, students at Unity Composite High School audition for acting parts and volunteer to help with stage setup, lights, costume and makeup for the December drama productions.

Weekly — and, as it gets closer to the performance dates, even more frequent — rehearsals means hours and hours of work are put in by the students, all in hopes of ultimately delighting their future audience of friends, family and community members.

This year’s bill is once again a doubleheader with “a silly spoof” written by the irrepressible Greg Bick and a more thoughtful piece presented by Crystal Gilbert and Kyle Wood

The Modern Match Girl, written and directed by Gilbert and Wood, is a modern adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Match Girl. Gilbert said the adaptation “features a play within a play as well as shadow puppets illustrating the young girl’s rich imagination. While the play touches on the Christmas spirit and the act of giving hope to our neighbours, it also reminds us to be thankful for what we have and to cherish family.”

UCHS drama, December 2014The 14 member cast is composed of students from Grade 7 up, and includes Grade 12 student Danielle Irons acting in her last year at UCHS.

Roxane Mamer, along with Gilbert, has been helping the crew create the sets and props for the play. The directors are also pleased this year to welcome Mrs. Stang to the team as the music specialist.

Bick’s Space Women From The Planet Limbo will be sure to generate some chuckles. Bick said, “I wanted it to look hokey like the 1950s sci-fi … (like) aluminium foil on the robot. And it’s a spoof so it’s going to be silly.” If you are familiar with the Stars Wars movies and the Star Trek series, listen closely for a few inside jokes mixed into the plot.

Outlandish costumes, wild makeup and coloured lighting will give theatregoers a visual feast as well. Even the crew will be dressed differently than usual, in keeping with the science fiction theme.

Both plays will be performed at UCHS Tuesday, Dec. 9, and Wednesday, Dec. 10, with show time at 7 p.m. each night.

Upcoming paper

Of course the big event this last week for many families was the first day of school! Find out who the new staff are at UCHS, UPS and Luseland School and how enrolment numbers compare to last year in next week’s issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald.

Along with the article, and photos from the first day, you can read about:

  • a Service to Children award given to one of Unity’s long-serving teachers;
  • a major scholarship won by one of this year’s UCHS grads;
  • a reunion at Winter, SK; and you can see
  • photos of locals enjoying the visit of the Family Fun Circus to Unity the last week of August.

More upcoming events are listed in the ads (and the minimum details can also be found by clicking the Calendar tab in the menu at the top of this page).

Even if somehow you had missed all the back-to-school talk or had forgotten when you got up Tuesday morning this week that students would be returning to classes, at St. Peter’s School in Unity, the bikes in the bick rack and the school bus pulled up with lights flashing and its STOP sign out would have let you know school days were here again!

St. Peter's School, Unity SK