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Monday’s Press-Herald

Whether you were or you weren’t at Celebrate Unity, 2014, in Unity, SK, you will get to see photos of all the smiling honourees in the March 17th issue of the Unity Wilkie Press-Herald.

Along with those pictures (the story was in the March 10th issue), you will find:

  • information from a workshop on parenting in the digital age and an invitation to upcoming sessions;
  • a photo of some of our volunteer firefighters with their new fire rescue truck;
  • an extensive update on the hockey season for all area minor hockey teams; and
  • photos from the Unity Skating Club Carnival – At the Movies;

Unity Skating Club

The March 17th issue is also our annual salute to agriculture, with pages of ag-specific information, together with good wishes to local farmers from area businesses.

Unity Museum News – St. Patrick’s Day supper Monday

The summer season is fast approaching so the Unity Museum in Unity, SK, is starting to stir.

Our first big fundraiser of the year is upon us. March 17, we are holding our annual St Patrick’s Day supper at the Adanac Hall. We decided to change it up for this year and we hope you will come to support us. We are serving some good old beef stew with biscuits, scones or buns, and a very good salad, and some great tasting desserts. The cost is $10 a plate and the tickets are on sale, so contact Bill Meek or Jim Sego for tickets.

There will be entertainment too, so a very fun filled evening is planned with lots of great food. Hope to see you there and remember we only have 80 tickets for sale.

We are also in the need of someone for summer staff. This entails tours/guiding; cleaning of buildings, a few office duties and maybe some gardening/watering. Our senior summer worker will unfortunately be away in May and maybe into June before she will be back to do some of the office/donation duties. If you are interested, please send us your resume, ASAP, to UDHM at Box 852, Unity, SK. S0K 4L0.

Resumes should be in before April 15 for interviews. The hours during the month of May will be longer as the buildings need to be prepared for opening day, then you will work 2-5 p.m. weekdays. We hope to get volunteers to do the weekends so the museum can be open seven days a week.

Canada Day at the museumQuite a few long-time projects were completed last year at the museum, but there are always other projects added. Our two one-room schools need some TLC. The stucco needs to be crack-filled, then painted before we end up doing some major reno’s on them. The trim on them also need some painting done. We just need to find some able bodied workers for this project as our members are unable to this job alone.

The men at the shop also have a few projects lined up for this year – some tree stump removals, spraying of machinery row and tidying up at the south end of the grounds. Some of the boardwalk needs to be replaced as the bottom runners have rotted away, and then there is the July 1 celebration events that need to be planned as that is fast approaching. So there is much to plan and do.

We are still looking for new members so, if you are interested, please contact one of the museum members to see what it entails. It includes things such as attending monthly meetings, volunteering at said functions in whatever capacity you can to help us out or just being the best PR person you can be for UDHM and the Town of Unity. Our grounds and buildings are a Saskatchewan Attraction and a part of Tourism Saskatchewan, and we are very proud of them.

We do look forward to seeing and hearing from you this summer. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you from Unity and District Heritage Museum.

Parkview Place Olympic Games

Sochi, Russia was not the only place people were attempting to prove who was fastest and strongest in February. Parkview Place in Unity, SK, held their own Olympic Games the week of Feb. 17.

To open the games, Victoria McCubbing, 100-years-plus, carried the torch into the common area, escorted by Cst. Tufts dressed in his formal RCMP red serge uniform. The torch “burned” bright all week.

Instead of representing countries, residents were divided into two teams – North Parkview and South Parkview. North Parkview was the overall winner with 349 points at the end of the week, to South Parkview’s 318.

seniors' Olympics

The “Olympic flame” burns brightly in the lobby at Parkview Place Feb. 20. Residents seen in the background are competing in carpet bocci.

There were six events, spread out over the week. Parkview Place manager, Sharon Del Frari described them: “Bean bag baseball was very challenging. Extra points for a home run (5) and 2 points for getting the opposing team’s player ‘out’ and 1 point per base. Next was carpet bocci, harder than it sounds. Ladder toss went over very well. Over the weekend was puzzle building. Each team had a 1,000 piece puzzle to do. South Parkview managed to finish their’s by 9 a.m. on Monday morning!”

Two walking events bookended the week, one Feb. 17 and one Feb. 24. Extra points were given for using the treadmill and for walking outside.

RCMP Cst. Macdonald attended the closing ceremonies Feb. 24, which included a medal presentation, cake and coffee.

Despite the cold and snow, Parkview residents were able to get together to enjoy some new challenges, camaraderie and exercise, and now they even all have Olympic medals to show for it! 

March is Fraud Prevention Month

Saskatchewan people encouraged to get informed

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) is marking Fraud Prevention Month this March by encouraging Saskatchewan people to take early and proactive steps to protect themselves from fraud.

“Being informed is the best defence against fraud,” FCAA Chair and CEO Dave Wild said. “Whether you are making an investment or making decisions about your pension – knowing who you are dealing with, understanding the risks, and getting solid, trustworthy advice is key to keeping your money safe. Helping consumers avoid fraud through awareness and education are crucial to keeping Saskatchewan’s financial markets safe for everyone.”

FCAA will be issuing Tweets and Facebook posts throughout March, encouraging Saskatchewan people to learn more about spotting and avoiding scams.

March 19 is national Check Registration Day. Canadians are urged to find out whether their investment advisers/firms are registered or have been disciplined by

Saskatchewan consumers can check the registration of:

Monday’s paper

Now that the weather has warmed up, is it safe to look back at winter yet? Well next week’s Unity Wilkie Press-Herald does just that, but it also gives us an idea of what we could expect through the rest of March and what authorities are saying about the expected spring runoff. Along with a weather story, Monday’s paper features:

  • A recap of Celebrate Unity, 2014 and all the celebrated people, committees and businesses;
  • Photos and a story about a local version of the Olympic Games;
  • Photos of local “princesses”;
  • UCHS curling results; and
  • A local boy wins a North Stars hockey award!

As always, even the ads provide interesting reading covering such things as land for sale, notices of upcoming annual general meetings, information about investment seminars, thank you ads and job opportunities.

RCMP Reports for February 11 to 24, 2014

UNITY RCMP REPORTS for February 11 to 24, 2014

Police received a report of harassing phone calls. The complaint was unfounded.

RCMP transported an individual to a hotel as he was walking on the highway in frigid temperatures and had developed frostbite.

Police attended a vehicle fire in a parking lot. The fire was not suspicious in nature.

CN Police contacted RCMP to report a crossing arm malfunction on two separate occasions.

RCMP received two complaints that an individual was failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking. Members warned the complainant and subject of complaint to stop communicating with each other.

A request to locate an individual was received by RCMP. He was located.

An 18-year-old Unity male was arrested for possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking after the RCMP discovered it during a traffic stop.

RCMP were called to a drinking establishment to deal with an assault. The subjects of complaint were gone when members arrived and could not be identified.

A 39-year-old Wilkie male was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified and operating a motor vehicle without certificate of registration after RCMP did a traffic stop near a Unity hotel.

A 24-year-old Airdrie, Alta., male was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle during a traffic stop.

Police seized two firearms and drug paraphernalia from a vehicle during a traffic stop. No drugs were located and the firearms were returned to the owner after the owner produced a valid Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

RCMP assisted the Unity Veterinary Clinic in capturing a bull that had escaped from the clinic.

Members acted as mediators for a family argument on two separate incidences for the same family.

A 24-hour driving suspension was issued to a Unity male following a traffic stop.

Police responded to a 911 hang-up call and transported a female to the Unity Health Centre to be assessed. Police were later contacted to locate her after she left the Heath Centre without a complete assessment. Members located her and returned her to the Health Centre

A report of suspicious people in a farmyard was later cancelled when the caller realized they were local teenagers.

Police attended a single vehicle rollover on Highway 14 near Macklin. The driver did not sustain any injuries.

RCMP attended a vehicle stuck at Brentwood Trailer Courts. The vehicle driver, a 21-year-old Unity male, was located and arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

A noise complaint was received and was resolved by a call from a member.

There was one false alarm and three false 911 calls.

Police attended a complaint of disturbing the peace but the complainant declined to lay charges.

Police assisted EMS during a mental health call.

There was a report of damaged road signs on Highway 17 north of Macklin. The matter is still under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Macklin RCMP.

There were three traffic complaints. All three vehicles were gone on arrival.

RCMP received a complaint of fraud in the form of a letter requesting financial information to receive a significant inheritance. Residents are urged not to respond to this type of scam.

Members attended a drinking establishment where a male had been assaulted and was injured. The ambulance transported the injured male to the Unity Health Centre and police could not locate a suspect. The Unity Health Centre later requested police assistance when the injured male left without receiving medical care. Police located the male who refused treatment.

A female reported that an indecent picture of her had surfaced and was being sent to other people. This matter is still under investigation.

Police received a report of a male punching holes in the wall of a residence but the complainant declined to lay charges.

RCMP assisted an individual who stated he witnessed an accident in Denzil and was then chased on foot by some of the vehicle occupants. He was transported to another community to spend the night.

Arnold and Sandra Glassford

Sandra and Arnold Glassford, co-owners of Glassford’s Funeral Home, live on a farm between Unity and Wilkie. They are both licensed funeral directors and as much as possible they like to use local funeral assistants to help carry out the services of their Funeral Homes. Embalming is done at the Unity facility.

Glassfords Funeral HomeArnold began in the funeral business in 1992, followed by Sandra in 2001.

In 2003 they purchased the Unity Funeral Home at 157 3rd Ave. West in Unity. In 2007 they purchased a second facility at 302 5th St. West in Wilkie.

For the Glassfords, providing funeral services is “more than just a business.”

The couple feel that follow-up or after care is important and seek to serve each and every family with “dignity and compassion.”

Some services they provide are visiting surviving spouses to help them in their time of adjustment; providing a lending library for those who are grieving as well as helpful literature at the time of death.

They seek to treat everyone with the same dignity and respect, and to do all they can to help make the farewell for their loved one,all they would desire.

Arnold and Sandra find it very rewarding to help people as they seek to follow their motto of “Serving with dignity and comassion.”

For contact information and office hours, see

NWT posts profitable financial results for 2013

 The board of directors of North West Terminal Ltd. is pleased to announce positive financial results for the company following operations in 2012-13. For the period beginning Nov. 1, 1012 and ending Oct. 31, 2013, NWT posted net revenues from consolidated operations of $133.5 million and an EBITDA of $9,136,654. This resulted in a net profit of $4,762,492, or $1.45 per share.

The financial performance of the company is behind the same period last year when the company posted revenues from operations of $132.7 million, an EBITDA of $11,422,627 and a net profit of $5,329,571, or $1.63 per share. Management reported earnings were down from the previous year primarily because of reduced shipping and tighter margins in both the grain and bio-products divisions. The overall reduction in profits was offset by dividends from investments and revenue from a leasing arrangement for the purposes of transloading crude oil.

“The board of directors is very pleased with the company’s financial performance,” says NWT’s President John Leier. “It should be noted that these results are for the past fiscal year. We are finding the current year somewhat more challenging with all the shipping delays that are being experienced. NWT continues to work hard on adding value and improving service for farmers from this region of the province. That is one of the major advantages of being a locally owned company as this is our primary focus.” Leier farms near Denzil.

North West Terminal

NWT is an independent farmer-shareholder owned company headquartered near Unity. It owns and operates an inland grain terminal and a bio-production facility at its Unity location.