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Events calendar now online

Effective immediately, and have calendar pages. Any business or organization advertising a specific event in the Press-Herald will also have their event included in the online calendar listing for their specific community. In some cases, the event will be listed on the calendar page for both communities.

You can find the calendar at or by clicking Calendar on the menu at the top of each page on the unity stories website.

Although there is no additional charge for the online listing, please note only events advertised in print are eligible to be included.

What will be in Monday’s paper?

As usual, the November 4th issue of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald will feature lots of stories and photos about local happenings. Some of what’s included in the upcoming issue:

  • an update from the Unity Facilities Committee on their fundraising efforts for the new swimming pool and ground floor hall;
  • Unity Public School news and photos;
  • curling season is upon us – find out what’s planned by the curling clubs in Luseland, Unity and Wilkie; and
  • a report on SaskPower public consultations regarding a proposed new substation and transmission line near Senlac.

The ads include job opportunities, business opportunities and “going out for an evening” opportunities!

steak & lobster fundraiser

UFC volunteer Brian Woytiuk sells cards for a draw at the annual steak and lobster fundraiser supper in Unity, Saskatchewan, held October 19, 2013.

Collecting child and spousal support payments

 New enforcement option to collect child and spousal support payments

The government has introduced changes to support the enforcement of child and spousal support payments through restrictions on hunting and angling licenses.

The legislation amends the The Enforcement of Maintenance Orders Act, 1997 to allow the Maintenance Enforcement Office to restrict the issuing of hunting and angling licenses to individuals who have failed to make scheduled child or spousal support payments.

“These amendments will provide another tool to ensure that individuals who owe child support or spousal support will meet their obligations,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said. “These options will only be used after several notices and warnings have been given.”

The amendments require the Director of the Maintenance Enforcement Office to provide individuals with at least 30 days notice of the intention to restrict their ability to obtain a hunting or angling license. These options will only be used when other enforcement options aimed at an individual’s financial resources have proven unsuccessful.

Existing enforcement options include the garnishing of wages and payments from the federal government, reporting the individual to a credit bureau, and the possible suspension of driver’s licenses or passports.

Saskatchewan continues to have one of the highest collection rates for overdue support payments in Canada. In the 2012-13 fiscal year, more than 91 per cent of payments due were collected. This resulted in a record setting amount of more than $39 million in collections.