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Bruno – 15, Rosetown – 3

With the Rosetown Angels going down to defeat at the hands of the Unity Cardinals 4-3 the night before, and the Bruno Bisons losing to the Carnduff Astros 4-3 in a final extra inning played earlier in the morning, the Angels and Bisons met in a do-or-die game August 10 in the Saskatchewan 2013 Men’s Senior A2 Provincials.

Although the Angels’ Jeff Ebel put the first run up on the scoreclock early in the game, the Bisons retaliated with three runs in the second inning and never looked back. Rosetown was unable to catch up and, losing 15-3 to the Bisons, the Angels’ provincial run was over.

Curtis Sibley, who scored three runs during the game, was MVP.

Bruno Bison batterRosetown Angel







Bruno Bisons vs. Rosetown Angels



Carnduff – Bruno finale

With the Bruno Bisons and Carnduff Astros tied 2-2 at the end of seven innings, their game Friday evening went into an eighth inning. With Kody Dzurka scoring for Bruno at the top of the eighth and Adam Wilson scoring for Carnduff in the bottom of the eighth for a 3-3 tie – and no lights on the field – the game was paused, to resume again Saturday morning, August 10.

The ninth inning Saturday morning saw no runs for Bruno while Danny Pool scored for Carnduff, giving the Astros the 4-3 win.

Game MVP was Garret Fiztpatrick.

The following photos are from early inning action Friday evening.Bruno Bisons v. Carnduff Astros

Burno Bison batterCarnduff Astro ballplayer

More photos from Unity-Rosetown game

Unity’s Ryan Greenwald is at bat, with Colin Pylypow catching for the Rosetown Angels and Adolph Fischer umping at the plate.

Ryan Greenwald, Colin Pylypow, Adolph Fischer

A close call at first base, with Keith Heitt the baserunner for the Unity Cardinals and Ryan Wickett first baseman for the Rosetown Angels.close callSpectators and players enjoyed the summer late afternoon, both before and after the game. One spectator described the day as perfect, “not too hot and not too cold.”Cory Wildeman after the game Umpire Adolph Fischer relaxing after the game.a crowd


Carnduff – Bruno … to be continued!

Carnduff pitcher at senior men's A2 provincialsBatter for Bruno Bisons at provincials

After finishing the seventh inning tied at 2-2, the Carnduff Astros and Bruno Bisons went into an extra inning, August 9, in their first game at the 2013 Senior A2 Provincial Championship Tournament.



With each team bringing home a run in the 8th inning, the game was called and it will resume at 9 a.m., Saturday, August 10.

Unity – 4, Rosetown – 3

Rosetown Angel batter, Regan L'Heureux catcher for Cardinals, Adolph Fischer umpire

In the opening game of the 2013 Senior A2 Provincials Championship Tournament held in Unity, Saskatchewan, August 9, 10 and 11, the Unity Cardinals defeated the Rosetown Angels 4 to 3.

Cardinal runs were scored by Justin D-Entremont, Mark Ralston, Corey Wildeman and Regan L’Heureux. Regan was the game MVP.  Unity Cardinals Senior Men's Baseball Team

Rosetown’s runs were scored by Ryan Wickett, Jeff Kingwell and Cam Aitken.

Rosetown Angels Senior Men's Baseball Team

Francis Kiefer started on the pitcher’s mound for the Unity Cardinals.Francis Kiefer, Cardinals pitcher Francis Kiefer, pitching for UnityFrancis Kiefer, Unity Cardinals' pitcher









Crop Report update

The latest edition of Sask Ag’s Crop Report was released yesterday, August 8. For our area, Crop Districts 6B and 7 in the west-central part of the province, this is what was reported:

Most areas of the region recorded some rainfall for the week which will help crops on dry soil fill as harvest operations near. Most of the region has been missing the moisture that other areas have received over the past few weeks. Crops are slowly advancing in the cool weather; however, there are some reports of pulses being desiccated in the Perdue, Major and Marengo areas. Most other areas are indicating harvest operations are 10 days to two weeks behind normal compared to the last couple of years. Rainfall reported in the past week ranged from nil to 37 mm (Landis area).

The west-central region is furthest ahead in haying and operations are nearing completion. Livestock producers have 96 per cent of the hay crop cut and 82 per cent baled or put into silage. Hay quality is rated as eight per cent excellent, 88 per cent good and four per cent fair. Pasture conditions are rated as nine per cent excellent, 56 per cent good, 33 per cent fair and two per cent poor. Ninety-seven per cent of producers have adequate water supplies for their livestock.

Topsoil moisture conditions are rated as one per cent surplus, 62 per cent adequate, 33 per cent short and four per cent very short on cropland. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture conditions are rated as one per cent surplus, 51 per cent adequate, 41 per cent short and seven per cent very short.  Crop District 7B is reporting 46 and 48 per cent short of topsoil moisture on cropland and hay, respectively.

Very little crop damage was reported in the region. Dry conditions and insects are causing the majority of crop stress.

Producers are busy haying and getting ready for harvest.

Saskatchewan Crop Report

hay bales, grain and canola

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture in its Crop Report August 1 said, province-wide, “Saskatchewan livestock producers … (have) 82 per cent of the 2013 hay crop cut and 60 per cent baled or put into silage” while 84 “per cent of spring wheat, 82 per cent of canola, 81 per cent of lentils and 88 per cent of peas are in good to excellent condition.”

Specific to west-central Saskatchewan, including Unity and Luseland, “Livestock producers have 90 per cent of the hay crop cut and 77 per cent baled or put into silage. Hay quality is rated as 15 per cent excellent, 80 per cent good and five per cent fair….Very little crop damage was reported in the region. Dry conditions and disease (smut, sclerotinia and ascochyta) are causing the majority of crop stress.”

To read the whole Crop Report, click here:

In Monday’s Press-Herald

Grand opening of Unity’s new nature pathway

Unity has another new walking path! Check out Monday’s paper for the full story and additional photos. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Unity’s recreation director, Nicole Goldsworthy, acknowledging the grant received from CN’s EcoConnexions From the Ground Up program that made the new path possible, as well as a close-up of one of 120 new spruce trees planted to line the walkway.



Alyssa Weninger, former Unity resident part of Team Canada?

See photos of Weninger (daughter of Unity’s former town administrator) and see where she is at on her path to representing Canada on the world stage in rowing competition.